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    Kris Jenner is currently #137 on:

    Actors Nobody Cares About Anymore

    views: 2680723

    Some of the greatest actors of all time have, in recent days, turned into a bunch of washed-up hacks that would be somehow become more ...

  • 5of 281
    Kris Jenner is currently #5 on:

    The Biggest Douchebags in Hollywood

    views: 1399486

    The biggest douchebags in Hollywood are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people ar...

  • 8of 156
    Kris Jenner is currently #8 on:

    Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune

    views: 300138

    How did these "celebrities" ever become so rich and famous? What did they even do to earn their fame? Some of these awful peo...

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    Kris Jenner is currently #15 on:

    Annoying Celebrities Who Should Just Go Away Already

    views: 677335

    The most annoying celebrities, ranked by entertainment fans themselves. These annoying celebs are obnoxious, overexposed, and annoying ...

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    Kris Jenner is currently #7 on:

    The Worst People in the History of Reality TV

    views: 66341

    There is something about reality television personalities that makes us hate so much more strongly than we do with fictional characters...

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    Kris Jenner is currently #44 on:

    Celebrities You Wouldn't Want as Neighbors

    views: 168374

    Well, there goes the neighborhood! This is a list of the celebs you DON'T want moving in next door to you. There are perks to celebrity...

  • 7of 74
    Kris Jenner is currently #7 on:

    People We Loved to Hate in 2013

    views: 84244

    These are the People we loved to hate in 2013. This list includes a slew of shocking, disheartening and downright dirty happenings. Som...

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    Kris Jenner is #2 on:

    Celebrities You'd Like To See Attacked By Zombies

    views: 35345

    People can be obnoxious sometimes, particularly celebrities. There are times that you just want to kick these fools in the ass.. or wat...

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    Kris Jenner is #23 on:

    Most Annoying Celebrities

    views: 2162

  • 29of 61
    Kris Jenner is #29 on:

    The Hottest Women from Real Housewives, Reality, and Soap

    views: 6467

    Someone caddish women, but sexiest and cupcakes.

  • 12of 14
    Kris Jenner is #12 on:

    14 Celebrities as Rosie the Riveter

    views: 4467

    U.S. cultural icon Rosie the Riveter rose to fame and popularity during WWII as a symbol of female strength. She represented the A...

  • 12of 81
    Kris Jenner is #12 on:

    81 Celebrities with at Least 4 Kids

    views: 3822

    Kris Jenner has six children: Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloé (born 1984), and Rob (born 1987) with ex-husband Robe...

  • 14of 44
    Kris Jenner is #14 on:

    40+ Celebrities Who Have a Ton of Kids

    views: 6577

    Kris Jenner has 6 children: Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloé (born 1984), and Rob (born 1987) with ex-husband Robert...

  • 3of 13
    Kris Jenner is #3 on:

    13 Famous People Who Have Joined The Mile High Club

    views: 116054

    During a recent episode of Kris Jenner's talk show, aptly titled "Kris," she revealed in a game of "I Never" that s...

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    Kris Jenner is #6 on:

    34 Celebrities Who Wrote Cookbooks

    views: 2150

    Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner wrote a "kookbook" called In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of the Kardashian-Jenner Fa...

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    Kris Jenner is #15 on:

    Famous People Who Own Maybachs

    views: 1913

    Reality star Kris Jenner was seen in New York driving in a Maybach.

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    Kris Jenner is #7 on:

    Celebrity Swatting Victims

    views: 2780

    1/18/13: The mansion occupied by Kris and Bruce Jenner along with their children was targeted by swatters. Kim Kardashian, who was not ...

  • 14of 21
    Kris Jenner is #14 on:

    22 Celebrities Who Have Had Breast Reduction Surgery

    views: 30997

    Reality star Kris Jenner had 23 year-old breast implants removed - then had a second set installed and filmed to air on TV. Between the...


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