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    List of the best Kris Kristofferson movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Kris Kristofferson's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon mil...more

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    The Greatest Songwriters of All Time

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    If you ask anyone who has ever tried, it's tough to write one song, nevertheless a batch to be considered a songwriter. Add to the mix ...

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    The Greatest Living Rock Songwriters

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    Who is the best songwriter alive today? The musician responsible for the lyrics and music that's the most memorable, significant and la...

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    The Top Country Artists of All Time

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    One of the most distinct and popular American art forms is country music. The origins of country music began in mostly rural areas as s...

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    Best Folk Bands/Artists

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    Folk music artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good folk music bands includes a filter so you can sort by...

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    Famous Shriners Members

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    List of Famous Shriners ranked by fame and popularity. The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, known as Shriners i...

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    Kris Kristofferson is #33 on:

    70+ Celebrities Who Were in the Military

    views: 8550

    Actor Kris Kristofferson joined the US Army and became a helicopter pilot.

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    Famous Military Brats

    views: 15329

    Musician Kris Kristofferson's father was an officer in the U.S. Army.

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    Celebrities Who Have Always Been Old

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    Have you ever noticed that there are some celebrities that don't age but have always been old? It doesn't matter how young they were wh...

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    50 Celebrities Who Played High School Football

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    Celebrities who played high school football include a variety of actors, musicians and other celebs who in their early life put on the ...

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    Kris Kristofferson is #6 on:

    Star Wars Fan Cast: Joruus C’Baoth

    views: 204

    The Mad clone of Jedi Master Jorus C’Baoth, he was created by Emperor Palpatine to watch over his storehouse at Mount Ta...

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    Kris Kristofferson is #8 on:

    22 Old Singers You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive

    views: 2742

    With the life expectancy (at least in the United States) now at 81 for women, and 76 for men, sometimes you just don't realize how far ...

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    Famous (Alleged) Illuminati Members

    views: 3845701

    Kris Kristofferson is rumored to not only be a member of the Illuminati, but he is also suspected of being a drug-runner for the CIA.

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    Timeless Singer-Songwriters Worldwide

    views: 446

    Timeless singer-songwriters worldwide. Unfinished and to be continued...This is not a popularity list, nor is it based on timely preced...

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    The Smartest Celebrities

    views: 20054

    The smartest celebrities are those who have documented high IQs, multiple degrees from distinguished universities, and a history of lon...

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    Kris Kristofferson is #26 on:

    50+ Famous People of Swedish Descent

    views: 920

    Musician Kris Kristofferson is of Swedish and Scots-Irish descent.

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    Warner Bros. Records Complete Artist Roster

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