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    Best Macaulay Culkin Movies List

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    List of the best Macaulay Culkin movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Macaulay Culkin's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions ...more

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  • 116of 397
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #116 on:

    Actors Nobody Cares About Anymore

    views: 1116387

    Some of the greatest actors of all time have, in recent days, turned into a bunch of washed-up hacks that would be somehow become more ...

  • 15of 68
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #15 on:

    Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst

    views: 14410484

    On a positive note, SEX SELFIES are SAVING relationships! HERE is an example why! 

  • 35of 173
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #35 on:

    The Greatest Former Child Stars

    views: 135093

    b. 1980 - Uncle Buck (1989), Home Alone (1990), My Girl (1991), The Good Son (1993)

  • 68of 117
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #68 on:

    The Greatest 90s Teen Stars

    views: 149844

    The greatest teen stars of the '90s are well-remembered on this countdown. They were everywhere--they ruled the box office, kept butts ...

  • 94of 143
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #94 on:

    Celebrity Death Pool 2012

    views: 194509

    In a somewhat morbid twist on celebrity deaths, this list is a celebrity death pool. You can vote for the person who you think will mos...

  • 277of 288
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #277 on:

    The Best Actors in Film History

    views: 78058

    The best actors ever are ranked here in this list of the best actors in film history. These are the greatest actors ever to appear on t...

  • 56of 56
    Macaulay Culkin is currently #56 on:

    The Best Short Actors

    views: 19544

    Who are the best short actors? Some of the incredibly famous actors on this list are surprisingly diminutive, coming in at 5'7" or...

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  • 31of 44
    Macaulay Culkin is #31 on:

    The 30+ Ugliest Former Child Actors

    views: 5782557

    Home Alone

  • 2of 10
    Macaulay Culkin is #2 on:

    Youngest SNL Hosts Ever

    views: 34550

    Child actor Macaulay Culkin earns a spot on this list as the second-youngest person ever to pull 'Saturday Night Live' hosting duties. ...

  • 6of 22
    Macaulay Culkin is #6 on:

    22 Celebrities Who Have Testified in Criminal Trials

    views: 1547

    In 2005, child actor Macaulay Culkin testified in the Michael Jackson molestation case that rocked the world. A close friend of the pop...

  • 29of 51
    Macaulay Culkin is #29 on:

    Celebrities in Actor Families

    views: 1497

    "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin and his sibling Kieran Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Rory Culkin, Shane Culkin, Christian Culkin a...

  • 12of 15
    Macaulay Culkin is #12 on:

    Pure UGLIEST Celebrities?!

    views: 3668

    Who do you think is the ugliest of our celebrities? Rank or add.

  • 5of 10
    Macaulay Culkin is #5 on:

    Child Stars Who Grew Up To Look Like Muppets

    views: 217272

    This picture is taken from a move called Party Monster, in which child star Macaulay Culkin plays real life "club kid" Michae...

  • 23of 74
    Macaulay Culkin is #23 on:

    Full List of All Celebrity Mug Shots

    views: 143404

    Macaulay Culkin was arrested in September 2004 for possession of marijuana, and unprescribed controlled substances (Xanax and sleeping ...

  • 44of 71
    Macaulay Culkin is #44 on:

    Straight Actors Who Have Played Gay

    views: 5207

    Macaulay Culkin played club kid Michael Alig in Party Monster (2003). Culkin was in a relationship with Mila Kunis from 2002-2010.

  • 230of 371
    Macaulay Culkin is #230 on:

    340+ Uncircumcised Celebrities

    views: 638095

    A list of famous man who are not circumcised. Originally the practice of ancient religions and cults, circumcision regained its popular...

  • 66of 83
    Macaulay Culkin is #66 on:

    Famous People of Irish Descent

    views: 684

    Macaulay Culkin is of Irish, German, English, Swiss-German, French and Norwegian descent. He has appeared in such films as Home Alone a...

  • 16of 20
    Macaulay Culkin is #16 on:

    Top Celebrities That Play WOW (World of Warcraft)

    views: 61925

    WoW is not only one of the best online games, it's now not just for geeks anymore. Famous celebrities are now playing the same popular ...


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