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  • Madonna's Greatest Hits

    Madonna's Greatest Hits

    by neilp views: 1956

    They're All Here From 'Holiday' to 'Die Another Day', 'Into The Groove' to 'You Must Love Me', 'La Isla Bonita' to 'You'll See'! What are your favourite Madonna Hits? You Decide!!

  • Best Madonna Movies List

    Best Madonna Movies List

    by Reference views: 58387

    List of the best Madonna movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Madonna's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world...more

  • Madonna's Loves & Hookups

    Madonna's Loves & Hookups

    by celebrityhookups views: 37475

    Who is Madonna dating? The original material girl has had many conquests in her time- from ex-husband Guy Richie to playboy baseball player Alex Rodriguez- and this list of Madonna's boyfriends, husbands, and hook-ups is...more

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    Madonna is currently #851 on:

    The Hottest Celebrities of All Time

    views: 1627099

    This list of hot celebrities is ranked by pop culture junkies worldwide, making it the best place to find the sexiest celebrities accor...

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    Madonna is currently #12 on:

    The Greatest Dancing Singers

    views: 56353

    Music's best dancers are counted down. After ranking the best singers a while back, I thought it would be interesting to rank who music...

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    Madonna is currently #126 on:

    Actors Nobody Cares About Anymore

    views: 2315935

    Some of the greatest actors of all time have, in recent days, turned into a bunch of washed-up hacks that would be somehow become more ...

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    Madonna is currently #60 on:

    Celebrity Death Pool 2012

    views: 200584

    In a somewhat morbid twist on celebrity deaths, this list is a celebrity death pool. You can vote for the person who you think will mos...

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    Madonna is currently #419 on:

    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

    views: 761763

    List of the most beautiful women of all time: ranked not on talent or accomplishments, but on looks alone. This is a test to see i...

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    Madonna is currently #498 on:

    The Most Beautiful Women in the World

    views: 388087

    The most beautiful women in the world are a cross-section of the most beautiful women on primetime TV, the hottest celebrities of all-t...

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    Madonna is currently #36 on:

    The Best Current Female Singers

    views: 135069

    The best female singers currently performing rank among some of the best female singers of all time without contest. These are the mos...

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    Madonna is currently #196 on:

    The Hottest Women Over 40 in 2013

    views: 916138

    This is an Ultimate List of the hottest women over 40. It's hard to believe that some of these well known women are over 40, considerin...

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    Madonna is currently #42 on:

    Annoying Celebrities Who Should Just Go Away Already

    views: 641864

    The most annoying celebrities, ranked by entertainment fans themselves. These annoying celebs are obnoxious, overexposed, and annoying ...

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    Madonna is currently #94 on:

    The Best Female Rock Singers

    views: 127075

    Best female rock vocalists of all time include some of the greatest girl rock singers ever. This list includes some of the most memorab...

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    Madonna is currently #47 on:

    The Hottest Female Pop Stars

    views: 273135

    The sexiest pop divas in music from all over the world have been voted on and ranked by fans, music experts, and most likely guys that ...

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    Madonna is currently #24 on:

    The Sexiest Artists of All Time

    views: 59737

    If you've got it, flaunt it, and that's what these rock stars do. And for that they've been rewarded with the honor of sexiest artists ...

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    Madonna is currently #76 on:

    The Best Female Vocalists Ever

    views: 225441

    List of the best female singers of all time, ranked by music fans and casual critics like you. Who are the greatest female vocalists ev...

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    Madonna is currently #56 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time

    views: 74912

    When VH1 polled fellow artists to name the greatest artists of all time, it seemed like a good idea---but in reality, the list was trul...

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    Madonna is currently #43 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of the '90s

    views: 466152

    The greatest and most prolific artist of one of music's most treasured decades are remembered on this list. Seeing as I ranked the grea...

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    Madonna is currently #2 on:

    The Best Pop Artists of the 1980s

    views: 53175

    The 1980s was a huge decade in terms of breaking pop stars. With the rising popularity of cable television, movie channels were popular...

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    Madonna is currently #22 on:

    Celebrities Who Most Seem Like They Are Riddled with STDs

    views: 697252

    List of celebrities who seem like they are riddled with STDs. We aren't saying the stars on the list below are carrying a sexually tran...

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    Madonna is currently #204 on:

    The Best Singers of All Time

    views: 69176

    Who are the best singers of all time? That's a tough question to ask. This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all ...

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    Madonna is currently #163 on:

    The Best Rock Bands of All Time

    views: 499511

    The best rock bands ever, ranked by music fans worldwide. Anyone can vote on this best rock bands list, which makes these rankings a tr...

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    Madonna is currently #534 on:

    The Greatest Film Actors & Actresses of All Time

    views: 314491

    The best actors and actresses of all time, male and female, ranked by film fans worldwide. This list of greatest actors and actresses a...

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    Madonna is currently #6 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of the '80s

    views: 65051

    The greatest and most prolific artist of music's most colorful decade are remembered on this list. As I did with the greatest albums an...

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    Madonna is currently #95 on:

    The Greatest Live Bands of All Time

    views: 73634

    List of the greatest live bands or artists of all time, created and ranked by music fans worldwide asks the question "who is the b...

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    Madonna is currently #114 on:

    The 100+ Sexiest Women of the '90s

    views: 189661

    List of the sexiest celebrity women of the era of slackers, "Hackers" and grunge rock: the 1990s. These models, actresses, si...

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    Madonna is currently #3 on:

    The Best Mononymous Singers & Musicians

    views: 18170

    Complete list of famous singers & musicians with one name, crowdsourced and ranked by name recognition. No need for a last name! Th...

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    Madonna is currently #49 on:

    The Top Celebrity Fashion Icons of All Time

    views: 89909

    List of celebrity fashion icons. Celebrities often have a very big impact on fashion trends. The women and men on this list have inspir...

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    Madonna is currently #122 on:

    Beautiful Celebrity Women Aging the Most Gracefully

    views: 1110725

    The beautiful celebrity women aging the most gracefully are those gorgeous celebs and actresses in their 50s and 60s whose beauty defie...

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    Madonna is currently #61 on:

    The Most Influential Contemporary Americans

    views: 212895

    A list of the Americans who have had the most central influence on, or importance to, the modern era. This would include Americans who ...

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    Madonna is currently #5 on:

    Best Pop Groups/Artists

    views: 4111

    Pop music artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good pop music bands includes a filter so you can sort by t...

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    Madonna is currently #1 on:

    The Greatest Women in Music, 1980s to Today

    views: 38514

    The greatest female artist since the 1980s are ranked and voted on through this countdown. In 1998, VH1 ranked the greatest women in ro...

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    Madonna is currently #57 on:

    The Most Stylish Female Celebrities

    views: 115855

    The most stylish female celebrities manage to capture our attention with their stunning fashion choices. Whether it's a classic Hollywo...

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    Madonna is currently #21 on:

    The Worst Dressed Celebrities

    views: 108310

    List of the worst-dressed celebrities. Bad taste in clothes, hair and makeup are on display here on these famous folks who, it seems, s...

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    Madonna is #27 on:'s Hollywood's Most Scandalous Celebs

    views: 9418

    EW's list of the most notorious and scandalous celebrities of the last 20 years. These people have caused the biggest celebrity scandal...

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    Madonna is #4 on:

    Sify's Hollywood's Homebreakers

    views: 2541

    Sify's list of real-life celebrity homewreckers. These people have held affairs with married celebrities and have managed to break up a...

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    Madonna is #1 on:

    E!Online's Fit & Fabulous at 50

    views: 4182

    See Madonna's famous overly-photoshopped racy Dolce & Gabbana ad.

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    Madonna is #5 on:

    E!Online's Snacky Star Names

    views: 2049

    E! Online's list of celebrities who have lent their names to snacks and drinks. These stars have their names on candy bars, chips and s...

  • 3of 27
    Madonna is #3 on:

    The Richest Women in Entertainment

    views: 128078

    $650 million

  • 18of 27
    Madonna is #18 on:

    Fox News' The Web's Most Searched Celebrities

    views: 11338

    For the full article and photo gallery, go to:

  • 9of 10
    Madonna is #9 on:

    Beliefnet's Celebrities Who Converted

    views: 4675

    Beliefnet's list of celebrities who swapped religions. These celebs believed in something else before they converted to another belief ...

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    Madonna is #3 on:

    Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

    views: 23737

    The Power 100 list from Forbes contains the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood and the highest paid celebrities. The richest actors,...

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    Madonna is #73 on:

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Guest Judge Wishlist

    views: 17599

    Who do you want to see as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race season 7?

  • 37of 38
    Madonna is #37 on:

    The Hottest Female Geniuses

    views: 252307

    Reported IQ of 140

  • 10of 10
    Madonna is #10 on:

    The Top 10 Hottest Girls with "Bad" Teeth

    views: 3170618

    Madonna was one of the foremost sex symbols of the last 30 years... and the whole time she had a notoriously separated set of front hea...

  • 23of 49
    Madonna is #23 on:

    48 Celebrity Nose Jobs: Before and After

    views: 1944978

    Madonna is no stranger to enhancements, having admitted she won't rule anything out when it comes to the pursuit of beauty. But has she...

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    Madonna is #40 on:

    New American Idol Judge Picks

    views: 17382

    Who should the new 'American Idol' judge picks be? With word that 'AI' judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are calling it quits with...

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    Madonna is #15 on:

    Pure UGLIEST Celebrities?!

    views: 4293

    Who do you think is the ugliest of our celebrities? Rank or add.

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    Madonna is #5 on:

    Famous Leo Celebrities

    views: 1801

    This list of famous Leos is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Leos and a description of Leo traits. Those born between ...

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    Madonna is #1 on:

    Best Dance Music Bands/Artists

    views: 25189

    Dance music artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good dance music bands includes a filter so you can sort ...

  • 20of 25
    Madonna is #20 on:

    Rock Stars Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

    views: 56512

    Born August 16, 1958

  • 8of 42
    Madonna is #8 on:

    The Most Blatant Celebrity Botox

    views: 47651

    The most blatant celebrity Botox cases include those celebrities who admit to using the injections, to those who couldn't deny it if th...

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    Madonna is #2 on:

    Today’s Fashion Icons Over 30

    views: 196

    Today´s Fashion Icons Over 30!

  • 5of 37
    Madonna is #5 on:

    The 37 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

    views: 110520

    A list of embarrassing celebrity selfies--celebrities looking ugly when they are trying to look hot or otherwise embarrassing photos of...

  • 18of 42
    Madonna is #18 on:

    Worst Dressed Female Celebrities

    views: 846

  • 2of 30
    Madonna is #2 on:

    Best SPIN Covers

    views: 2814

    SPIN - May 1985

  • 20of 37
    Madonna is #20 on:

    The Funniest Photos of Celebrities Eating

    views: 20255

    There's something about these pictures of celebrities eating that just make them seem more...human. Stars, they're just like us! These ...

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    Madonna is #26 on:

    Overrated People of All Time

    views: 395

    The most overrated people in America. 

  • 40of 40
    Madonna is #40 on:

    Most Annoying Celebrities

    views: 588

  • 14of 25
    Madonna is #14 on:

    Famous Actresses Who Look Like Marilyn Monroe

    views: 65719

    All during her "Blonde Ambition Tour" and beyond Madonna has invoked the Marilyn Look, even completely copying her look, move...

  • 1of 30
    Madonna is #1 on:

    Most Overrated Artists of the 80s

    views: 757

    The 80s had some really, really, really awful music. Even much of the tolerable stuff was incredibly overrated. Vote on the most overra...

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    Madonna is #12 on:

    Most Untalented Singers

    views: 1321

  • 16of 24
    Madonna is #16 on:

    Best All-Time Super Bowl Halftime Performer

    views: 40475

    Super Bowl XLVI (2012)

  • 101of 228
    Madonna is #101 on:

    The Best Electronica Artists

    views: 107267

    Electronica artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good electronica bands includes a filter so you can sort ...

  • 8of 21
    Madonna is #8 on:

    The 21 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

    views: 11759

    Madonna and "Snatch" director Guy Ritchie were married from 2000-2008.  It is estimated that Madonna paid out $76-$92 mi...

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    Madonna is #5 on:

    STFU: Who Needs To Shut Their Big Mouth?

    views: 3196

    Blah blah blah...who spews far too much BS and just needs to just shut their mouth? Add to the list and vote on what I started with...a...

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    Madonna is #4 on:

    Celebrities in Black Leather

    views: 453

  • 16of 30
    Madonna is #16 on:

    The Best Mad Magazine Covers

    views: 4482

    Mad - September 1996

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    Madonna is #3 on:

    Celebs who Don't Dress Their Age

    views: 834

  • 2of 26
    Madonna is #2 on:

    26 Famous People from Huge Families

    views: 8447

    Pop superstar Madonna has 5 siblings and 2 half-siblings. Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone), Christopher, Melanie, Martin, Jennifer...

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    Madonna is #29 on:

    The Best Actresses Who Won Razzies

    views: 16449

    The best actresses who won Razzies might surprise you. Several of the women on this list of Golden Raspberry Award winners are some of ...

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    Madonna is #5 on:

    Celebrities Who Adopted Children

    views: 44860

    Madonna adopted two children from Malawi. (2006) David was adopted when he was an infant. (2009) Mercy was adopted when she was 4 years...

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    Madonna is #11 on:

    50+ Famous People Who Were Bullied

    views: 79878

    Madonna says that the boys at her school used to bully her and call her a "hairy monster."  The Queen of Pop rebelled ag...

  • 4of 54
    Madonna is #4 on:

    53 Celebrities Who Were Abused

    views: 52111

    Madonna was raped on a New York rooftop when she was just 19.  She also suffered mental and physical abuse from her ex-husband Sea...

  • 1of 51
    Madonna is #1 on:

    51 Celebrities Who Have Written Children's Books

    views: 1874

    Madonna has written "The English Roses," "Mr. Peabody's Apples," "Yakov and the Seven Thieves," "The...

  • 7of 19
    Madonna is #7 on:

    19 Rock Stars Who Have Written Children's Books

    views: 1744

    The English Roses, 2003, Mr. Peabody's Apples, 2003, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, 2004, The Adventures of Abdi, 2004, Lotsa De Casha, 2...

  • 1of 31
    Madonna is #1 on:

    31 Famous Insomniacs

    views: 5247

    Madonna takes medication to treat her insomnia. She has stated, "I'm anal retentive. I'm a workaholic. I have insomnia. And I'm a ...

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    Madonna is #11 on:

    Famous (Alleged) Ordo Templis Orientis Members List

    views: 6308

    List of Famous Ordo Templis Orientis Members ranked by fame and popularity. Ordo Templis Orientis otherwise known as OTO is an internat...

  • 9of 53
    Madonna is #9 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Had Braces

    views: 8442

    Madonna had braces as a child and as an adult she choose a stunning gold grill.

  • 25of 50
    Madonna is #25 on:

    The Full Names of 50 Mononymous People

    views: 2934

    Madonna was born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16, 1958. Madonna dropped her surname upon the release of her debut self-titled album...

  • 5of 20
    Madonna is #5 on:

    David Letterman's 20 Most Controversial Interviews

    views: 6785

    1994: Remember when Madonna was a real bad girl? This remains one of the most famous "Late Show" episodes of all time. Madonn...

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    Madonna is #22 on:

    Cutest Female Stars When They Were Kids

    views: 630

  • 1of 34
    Madonna is #1 on:

    50 Celebrities Who Need to STFU

    views: 4564

    America makes some great entertainment, and that's primarily due to great entertainers. But sometimes those entertainers mistakenly bel...

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    Madonna is #15 on:

    Hit Music Artists We Hope Will Release A 2014 Album

    views: 574

    These are best-selling artists who may or may not release new albums in 2014. But we hope they will!

  • 20of 20
    Madonna is #20 on:

    Best Grammy Red Carpet Fashions 2014

    views: 6627

    The best Grammy red carpet fashions of 2014 are those talented musicians, actors and other celebrities who looked the best as they walk...

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    Madonna is #9 on:

    27 Celebrities Who Are Expats

    views: 3645

    Madonna married "Snatch" director Guy Richie in 2000.  She and Richie had a home together in London.  Since their d...

  • 35of 65
    Madonna is #35 on:

    People Who Have Been Criticized by PETA

    views: 7802

    List of celebrities who have been criticized by PETA for wearing fur, selling leather, hunting, promoting meat consumption, and endorsi...

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    Madonna is #2 on:

    17 Celebrities Who Adopted Children from Overseas

    views: 4234

    Madonna adopted two children from Malawi. (2006) David was adopted when he was an infant. (2009) Mercy was adopted when she was 4 years...

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    Madonna is #6 on:

    The Jobs They Had Before They Became Celebrities

    views: 556

    Madonna worked in a Dunkin Donuts in Times Square

  • 16of 25
    Madonna is #16 on:

    25 Most Surprising Celebrities who Were Cheerleaders

    views: 680

    Who would have ever thought these people used to be cheerleaders.   

  • 19of 50
    Madonna is #19 on:

    Top 50 Entertainers from Detroit

    views: 1236

    Singers, Filmmakers, Actors and other famous entertainers from Detroit. It wasn't easy narrowing it down to 50 so I chose the more main...

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    Madonna is #283 on:

    Most Beautiful Women Over 40

    views: 116

  • 9of 76
    Madonna is #9 on:

    Famous (Alleged) Illuminati Members

    views: 3408907

    Like Beyonce, Madonna also used her Super Bowl performance as a platform to showcase Illuminati symbols and imagery. 

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    Madonna is #3 on:

    Famous People of Italian Descent

    views: 3144

    Madonna's father is Italian and her mother is French Canadian. She wrote such hit songs as Like a Virgin and Holiday.

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    Madonna is #43 on:

    Celebrities Who Live in Los Feliz

    views: 3726

    Singer Madonna lived in Los Feliz in the early 2000s.

  • 10of 42
    Madonna is #10 on:

    The Most Famous 80s Popstars (Then and Now)

    views: 8915

    Her star burns just as bright today as it ever has. Madonna has maintained her place in the spotlight and continues to release top sell...

  • 6of 13
    Madonna is #6 on:

    Lead Singers Who Look Stupid Playing A Guitar

    views: 10855

    You know the type - the spend the whole concert doing what they do best, but then suddenly they come out with a guitar strapped around ...

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    Madonna is #18 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked

    views: 4251

    In the early-nineties, Robert Dewey Hoskins was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stalking Madonna and threatening to slice her from ...

  • 18of 78
    Madonna is #18 on:

    Celebrities with a Whole Bunch of Kids

    views: 2769

    Madonna has four children: Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (born 1996) with father Carlos Leon, Rocco Ritchie (born 2000) with ex-husband Gu...

  • 8of 62
    Madonna is #8 on:

    Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

    views: 2842

    Madonna has been very vocal about smoking weed in the past.

  • 3of 43
    Madonna is #3 on:

    43 Celebrities With Gap Teeth

    views: 79504

    This is a list of famous people with gap teeth. These gap-toothed celebs have at least one thing in common: they love to smile! Dental ...

  • 5of 32
    Madonna is #5 on:

    The Most Notoriously Difficult Actors to Work With

    views: 83163

    Madonna is used to being in charge of everything she does, which makes her a very difficult actress to work with. She has a reputation ...

  • 42of 94
    Madonna is #42 on:

    The Smartest Celebrities

    views: 9928

    Reported IQ: 140

  • 4of 45
    Madonna is #4 on:

    40+ Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

    views: 14614

    Madonna denied cheating on her then-husband Guy Ritchie with Alex Rodriguez back in 2008, but the "Material Girl" was frequen...

  • 3of 40
    Madonna is #3 on:

    40 Celebrity Women Who Gave Birth After 40

    views: 2027

    Madonna had her son Rocco Ritchie in 2000 a few days before she turned 42.

  • 36of 71
    Madonna is #36 on:

    The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

    views: 665263

    List of the best celebrity yearbook photos. The biggest names in Hollywood, including George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Mad...

  • 20of 30
    Madonna is #20 on:

    The 30 Greatest On-Stage Falls of All Time

    views: 175634

    In a video that looks like a Madonna video game from the 1980s, this 8-bit Madonna at first, is seen to us much like she must look to t...

  • 1of 9
    Madonna is #1 on:

    Alex Rodriguez's Loves & Hookups

    views: 144215

    Alex Rodriguez girlfriend list includes some of the most prominent celebrity loves and lovers of the Yankees baseball star. From musici...

  • 1of 51
    Madonna is #1 on:

    51 Celebrities Who Own Horses

    views: 2456

    "Like a Virgin" singer Madonna owns two horses. She was injured in a horse riding accident in 2005.

  • 8of 26
    Madonna is #8 on:

    The Most Famous Single Moms in Hollywood

    views: 6812

    Rocco Ritchie, David Banda Mwale Ritchie, Mercy James, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (not pictured)

  • 18of 19
    Madonna is #18 on:

    Jack Nicholson's Loves & Hookups

    views: 43326

    Who is Jack Nicholson dating? Who Jack Nicholson dated; list of Jack Nicholson loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and rel...

  • 4of 52
    Madonna is #4 on:

    Warren Beatty's Loves & Hookups

    views: 59636

    Who is Warren Beatty dating? Who Warren Beatty dated; list of Warren Beatty loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves, relations...

  • 8of 26
    Madonna is #8 on:

    26 Celebrities Who Zumba

    views: 714

    "Like a Virgin" singer Madonna is a fitness fanatic  She has tried everything from hot yoga, to running, to Zumba.

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    Madonna is #1 on:

    The Highest Paid Celebrities of 2013

    views: 13704

    $125 million

  • 3of 47
    Madonna is #3 on:

    47 Famous People Who Own Guns

    views: 10245

    Madonna is a gun owner, and she agrees with the adage that "guns don't kill people, people kill people."

  • 2of 26
    Madonna is #2 on:

    Famous People Who Own Maybachs

    views: 1232

    "Like a Virgin" singer Madonna owns a Maybach 57.

  • 4of 25
    Madonna is #4 on:

    25 Celebrities Who Have Chihuahuas

    views: 1122

    Popstar Madonna has three chihuahuas named Chiquita, Evita, and Rosita.

  • 6of 78
    Madonna is #6 on:

    Celebrities Who Study Martial Arts

    views: 2137

    Singer Madonna trained in Karate with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, who has a black belt.

  • 2of 6
    Madonna is #2 on:

    Sean Penn's Loves & Hookups

    views: 8881

    Who is Sean Penn dating? Who Sean Penn dated; list of Sean Penn loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relationships of S...

  • 20of 43
    Madonna is #20 on:

    43 Celebrities with Their Own Perfumes

    views: 7161

    Truth or Dare by Madonna 2012

  • 16of 35
    Madonna is #16 on:

    Guests on the Final Oprah Winfrey Shows

    views: 11013

    Oprah's final days as the queen of daytime television are approaching and May 25 marks the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. To l...

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    Madonna is #1 on:

    100 Greatest Women in Music from 1990 to 2012

    views: 252

  • 13of 27
    Madonna is #13 on:

    Who Was At Daft Punk's Grammys Party?

    views: 603

    Who was at Daft Punk's Grammy party? After taking home five Grammys, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year, it's safe to s...

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    Madonna is #1 on:

    Most Likely to Have a Disease

    views: 3937

    It's 12:00pm at your local doctor's office and the who's who of Hollywood is catching up on their Reader's Digest. In a line-up more im...

  • 6of 10
    Madonna is #6 on:

    Top Ten Actors & Actresses I Hate

    views: 15883

    Please God, never act again!

  • 415of 763
    Madonna is #415 on:

    Warner Bros. Records Complete Artist Roster

    views: 1152

  • 3of 13
    Madonna is #3 on:

    13 Celebrities Who Started as Backup Dancers

    views: 1101

    Madonna was a backup singer and dancer for Patrick Hernandez in 1979.

  • 11of 77
    Madonna is #11 on:

    75+ Famous People of French Descent

    views: 426

    Madonna's father is Italian and her mother is French Canadian. She wrote hit songs such as "Like a Virgin."

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    Madonna is #2 on:

    60+ Celebrities Who Practice Meditation

    views: 336

    Madonna practices Transcendental Meditation.

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    Madonna is #16 on:

    70+ Celebrities Who Do Yoga

    views: 4173

    Madonna loves yoga so much that she incorporates complex poses into her live choreography.

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    Madonna is #20 on:

    30 of the Biggest Triple Threats in Entertainment

    views: 6698

    Madonna started a dance craze with her song "Vogue."  She has appeared in such films as Evita and Swept Away.


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