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    The Greatest Film Actors & Actresses of All Time

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    The best actors and actresses of all time, male and female, ranked by film fans worldwide. This list of greatest actors and actresses a...

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    The Best Actors in Film History

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    The best actors ever are ranked here in this list of the best actors in film history. These are the greatest actors ever to appear on t...

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    People We Wish Were Still Alive

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    RIP to our world's greatest achievers, those who changed the way we live and the ways we thought. This list of people we wish were stil...

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    2012 in Memoriam: Who We’ll Miss the Most from 2012

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    2012 in memoriam: who we'll miss the most from 2012 are those cherished celebrities and beloved famous people who passed away during th...

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    The Halo Cast List, Halo Fantasy Casting

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    Lead Brute

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    40 Celebrities Who Played High School Basketball

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    Celebrities who played high school basketball include some of our favorite actors, singers, and other famous people who spent their hig...

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    Michael Clarke Duncan is #89 on:

    Famous Tall Men Over 6'2

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    Some of the tallest men in Hollywood may not seem so on your screen. Paired alongside other tall actors, shorts actors wearing lifts, a...

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    Celebrities Who Study Martial Arts

    views: 3292

    Michael Clarke Duncan trained in Jiu-Jitsu.

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    75+ Celebrities Who Live in Chicago

    views: 14045

    Michael Clarke Duncan lived in Chicago until the 1990s. He worked as a bouncer at Chicago Cubs' games.

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    Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List

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    9/3/12: Actor, Michael Clarke Duncan, passed away in the hospital where he had been since a heart attack in July. Duncan, most known fo...

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    75+ Famous People Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

    views: 3595

    Michael Clarke Duncan provided the voice of Tug in the Brother Bear films.

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