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    Michael Jordan Quotes

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    List of quotes from basketball phenom Michael Jordan. Jordan is best known for his prowess on the basketball court, and is widely considered among the greatest legends the game has yet produced. Therefore, his quotes are...more

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    The Best Athletes of All Time

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    The greatest athletes of all time: a list of the most dominant, iconic athletes to ever play sports. This list gathers sports star...

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    The Best NBA Players of 2013

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    The Top NBA Players Of All Time

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    Michael Jordan is currently #1 on:

    The Greatest Offensive Players in NBA History

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    Top NBA 2K13 Players

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    Who doesn't love the NBA 2K series? Even with NBA Live making a video game for the first time in 2010, NBA 2K13 for X-Box 360 is the to...

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    Michael Jordan is currently #1 on:

    The Greatest Chicago Bulls of All Time

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    This was obviously made for MJ, #23, Mr. Clutch, Air Jordan, The Judge, Your Royal Airness, Ready For Takeoff. Michael Jordan is clearl...

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    Michael Jordan is currently #20 on:

    Athletes Who Waited Too Long To Retire

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    Athletes who waited too long to retire for one reason or another made the choice to continue playing, sometimes for several years, when...

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    Celebrities Who Deserve Their Own Postage Stamp

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    Athletes Who Spark the Most Fan Arguments

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    Athletes Who Should Get a Reality Show

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    Celebrity Death Pool 2012

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    Michael Jordan is currently #12 on:

    The Worst Team Owners of All Time

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    Charlotte Bobcats

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    Rank the 2012 Olympics USA Basketball Team Roster

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    The 2012 Olympic USA Basketball Team roster is composed of 12 of the finest professional basketball players from the United States and ...

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    Michael Jordan is #2 on:

    The 28 Richest African Americans

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    $650 million

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    Michael Jordan is #20 on:

    GQ's 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time

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    GQ doesn't rank athletes specifically on stats, rather they focused on grace, style, and swagger to create this list of coolest athlete...

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    Michael Jordan is #18 on:

    Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

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    The Power 100 list from Forbes contains the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood and the highest paid celebrities. The richest actors,...

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    Michael Jordan is #11 on:

    15 Forbes Future Billionaires

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    Est. Net Worth: $ 500 mil

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    Michael Jordan is #2 on:

    The 21 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

    views: 11343

    Michael Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy from 1989-2006. They had previously filed for divorce in 2002, but they briefly reconciled....

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    Michael Jordan is #4 on:

    15 Celebrities Whose Family Members Were Murdered

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    In 1993, Michael Jordan's father pulled over in a rest stop to take a nap.  Two men spotted the car and recognized the license pla...

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    Michael Jordan is #2 on:

    26 Celebrities with Problem Children

    views: 74850

    Michael Jordan's son Marcus, born Dec. 24, 1990, was arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct in 2012 after engaging in a loud...

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    Michael Jordan is #21 on:

    Celebrities Who Played Baseball in High School

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    Baseball and celebrities go together like America and apple pie. Since the game's beginnings in Cooperstown, N.Y. at the end of the 19t...

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    Michael Jordan is #8 on:

    Best Sports Illustrated Covers

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    Sports Illustrated - May 21, 1990

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    Michael Jordan is #9 on:

    Best GQ Covers

    views: 20816

    GQ - March 1989

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    Michael Jordan is #13 on:

    Famous Aquarius Celebrities

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    This list of famous Aquarius is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Aquarius and a description of Aquarius traits. Those ...

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    Michael Jordan is #20 on:

    80 Famous People with ADHD

    views: 6410

    Arguably the best basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan also has ADHD.

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    Michael Jordan is #10 on:

    Celebrities Who Have Gambling Problems

    views: 32024

    The most renowned player in NBA history, Michael Jordan's retirement in 1993 was rumored to have been caused by his gambling habit.

  • 23of 43
    Michael Jordan is #23 on:

    43 Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

    views: 4914

    NBA legend Michael Jordan owns the aptly titled Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in New York.  The restaurant opened in 1997 and featur...

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    Michael Jordan is #11 on:

    33 Celebrities Who Own Pro Sports Teams

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    Although he held a minority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats for many years, in 2010 Michael Jordan bought a majority stake in the team, ...

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    Michael Jordan is #15 on:

    The Best Celebrities You'd Actually Buy Stuff From

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    In 1984, Michael Jordan signed a 5-year contract, $500,000 contract with Nike. Now he's making A LOT more. Not only did he appear in co...

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    Michael Jordan is #1 on:

    Top Athletes That Started Successful Businesses

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    A list of top athletes who have turned the business world and started companies, going from the huddle to the boardroom. These athlete ...

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    Michael Jordan is #1 on:

    Highest Jumpers in NBA History

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    Highest Jumpers in NBA HistoryBest Basketball Jumpers

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    Michael Jordan is #8 on:

    Best Three Point Shooters in NBA History

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    best three point shooters ever

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    Michael Jordan is #62 on:

    75+ Celebrities Who Smoke Cigars

    views: 333

    In 2012, Michael Jordan told TMZ that he was including a cigar-friendly home theatre in his $12 million home.

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    Michael Jordan is #3 on:

    30 Famous People Who Have Love Children

    views: 2696

    Michael Jordan has been accused of having several love children. In 2006, he was sued for $5 million by an ex-girlfriend who claimed th...

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    Michael Jordan is #2 on:

    14 Celebrities Whose Parents Were Murdered

    views: 461060

    Michael Jordan's father, James Jordan, was murdered in 1993. He was shot and killed by men who then stole his car and other items, incl...

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    Michael Jordan is #2 on:

    38 Famous People Who Were Boy Scouts

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    A list of famous people who were real-life scouts. This crowdranked list includes celebrities, politicians and other notable personalit...

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    Michael Jordan is #9 on:

    Celebrity Babies 2014

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    2/9/2014 - Basketball icon MIchael Jordan and wife Yvette welcomed twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel on Sunday, February 9, 2014 in W...

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    Michael Jordan is #1 on:

    Best 90's Basketball Players

    views: 232

  • 13of 47
    Michael Jordan is #13 on:

    40+ Famous People Who Own Aston Martins

    views: 1076

    NBA superstar Michael Jordan owns an Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

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    Michael Jordan is #3 on:

    Highest Paid Athletes 1991

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    Highest Paid Athletes During The Year 1991

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    Michael Jordan is #20 on:

    Guests on the Final Oprah Winfrey Shows

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    Oprah's final days as the queen of daytime television are approaching and May 25 marks the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. To l...

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    Michael Jordan is #220 on:

    Athletes Who Have Appeared On Wheaties Boxes

    views: 35126

    Wheaties boxes have been featuring famous athletes since 1934, and the cereal has helped many pro sports figures become household names...

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    Michael Jordan is #10 on:

    10 Sport Heroes Who Are Actually Heroes

    views: 14327

    He started a revolution that was bigger than sports.Read the full story

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    Michael Jordan is #3 on:

    8 Great Athletes Who Played Too Long

    views: 850

    Few professional athletes are as universally respected and admired within their respective sport's circles as Michael Jordan, a man con...


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