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    Miller Lite is currently #111 on:

    The Best Beers from Around the World

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    The best beers in the world, as voted on by beer aficionados at Ranker. Anyone can add their favorite brews to this list by making thei...

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    Miller Lite is currently #3 on:

    The Best Tasting Light Beers

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     (96 Calories)

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    Miller Lite is #30 on:

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    Miller Lite is #2 on:

    The 24 Sexiest Actually-Sexy Super Bowl Ads of All Time

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    Two girls fighting over beer for an entire minute. We will say no more.

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    Miller Lite is #3 on:

    What Many See When You Drink... in a Bar

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    see i didn't get bud light. I'm a total free thinker and will go home to my dr. pepper and watch cnn on dish sat. I'm totally an open m...

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    The Best Domestic Beers

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    Miller Lite is #2 on:

    What Does Your Beer Say About You?

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    Says; "Me and Nick Lachey LOVE this stuff. I wish we could hang out."

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