Eurasia, Bavaria, Germany

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    Munich is currently #20 on:

    The Top Party Cities of the World

    views: 44125


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    Munich is currently #38 on:

    The Best European Cities to Visit

    views: 10823

    The top cities to visit including all the best places to go in Europe. The best cities to visit in Europe are all on this list. Whether...

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    Munich is currently #33 on:

    The Most Magical Cities in the World

    views: 9377

    Munich was established in 1175, lending itself buildings of different ages and architectural styles, giving the city a quaint feel. Add...

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    Munich is currently #40 on:

    Cities I Want To Visit

    views: 6629

    The cities I want to visit is a list of the most beautiful cities in the world that hold an alluring appeal in a way that makes you wan...

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    Munich is #25 on:

    The Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

    views: 2996

    Munich may be known for German celebrations like Oktoberfest, but the Neuschwanstein Castle is unlike anything seen outside of a fairy ...

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    Munich is #40 on:

    The Best Cheap Travel Destinations

    views: 1268

    List of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations ranked from best to worst. Traveling doesn't have to be a strain on your budget. There are g...

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    Munich is #18 on:

    Best European Cities to Visit with Kids

    views: 579

    This is a ranked list of the best European cities to visit with kids as voted on by men and women with kids. These cities include Paris...

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    Munich is #16 on:

    What European City Should Have an NBA Team?

    views: 529

    The NBA has flirted with expanding to Europe. The idea was to make 5 teams in Europe so they could spend a couple weeks in Europe once ...

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    Munich is #3 on:

    The Best Football Cities in the World

    views: 752

    These are the best football(soccer) cities in the world. These cities support their teams better than most every other city in the worl...

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    Munich is #31 on:

    Gay Events & Pride Parades Around the World

    views: 14847

    Gay Oktoberfest At Br�urosi Verzaubert Queer Film Festival Christopher Street Day

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