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  • Famous Athletes from Namibia

    Famous Athletes from Namibia

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    List of famous athletes from Namibia, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Namibia has seen some very talented athletes over the years, many of who have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics. Th...more

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    Namibia is currently #42 on:

    The Best Countries to Travel To

    views: 14556

    Namibia's extensive wildlife attracts tourists from all over the world to go on safaris. Additionally, extreme sports, such as sand sur...

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    Namibia is currently #76 on:

    The Most Beautiful Countries in the World

    views: 98009

    This should be a really fun list to rank. I hope everyone enjoys these breathtaking scenes around the world, and have fun ranking them....

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    Namibia is #37 on:

    The 77 Countries Where It's Still Illegal to Be Gay

    views: 1187

    In Namibia, same-sex relationships are punishable by a prison sentence.

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    Namibia is #5 on:

    The Best African Countries to Visit

    views: 1542

    List of the best African counties to visit, as ranked by travelers from all over the world. If visiting a country in Africa has always ...

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    Namibia is #34 on:

    The Coolest National Flags

    views: 4982

    List of the Best Country Flags ranked from best to worst. When considering which country has the best flag, there are a few things that...

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    Namibia is #3 on:

    The Best Countries for Safari Trips

    views: 779

    Namibia is one of the major tourist destinations in Africa. It's also home to one of the oldest deserts in the world, the Skeleton Dese...

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    Namibia is #7 on:

    Countries Where Dutch Is The Official Language

    views: 29771

    Dutch-speaking countries and their capitals. There are not many countries where Dutch is the official language, but there are a handful...

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    Namibia is #37 on:

    The Countries In Africa

    views: 62311

    List of all countries in Africa and their capitals. View countries that are African and capitals of African countries here.What are the...

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    Namibia is #62 on:

    Miss Universe 2013 (MBQ) Favorites

    views: 21755

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    Namibia is #192 on:

    Swine Flu Cases Around The World

    views: 5553

    Confirmed cases: 57

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