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  • Newt Gingrich Books List

    Newt Gingrich Books List

    by Reference views: 5007

    Newt Gingrich books list. Newt Gingrich bibliography includes all books by Newt Gingrich. Book list may include collections, editorial contributions, etc - any type of book or journal citing Newt Gingrich as a writer sho...more

  • The Most Controversial Newt Gingrich Quotes

    The Most Controversial Newt Gingrich Quotes

    by PilgrimsProgressive views: 7422

    The most controversial Newt Gingrich quotes are just a sampling of the highly debated and sometimes off-color comments that have come out of the mouth of former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and 2012 Repub...more

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  • 315of 460
    Newt Gingrich is currently #315 on:

    The All-Time Worst People in History

    views: 655388

    The absolute worst people in history, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Who are the worst people in history? This list includes mass-m...

  • 47of 155
    Newt Gingrich is currently #47 on:

    Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune

    views: 279920

    How did these "celebrities" ever become so rich and famous? What did they even do to earn their fame? Some of these awful peo...

  • 92of 313
    Newt Gingrich is currently #92 on:

    Annoying Celebrities Who Should Just Go Away Already

    views: 638567

    The most annoying celebrities, ranked by entertainment fans themselves. These annoying celebs are obnoxious, overexposed, and annoying ...

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  • 30of 87
    Newt Gingrich is #30 on:

    Best Choice For President Of The United States In 2016

    views: 31896

    Yeah I know President Obama has just started his second term but there are already Republicans positioning themselves for a 2016 run an...

  • 8of 71
    Newt Gingrich is #8 on:

    The Most Anti-Gay US Politicians

    views: 51997

    Who are the most anti-gay U.S. politicians? The list is a long one, including politicians from both parties (though a majority are Repu...

  • 9of 80
    Newt Gingrich is #9 on:

    Famous Military Brats

    views: 10524

    Newt Gingrich spend time in France and Germany as a child because his father was a career officer.

  • 38of 51
    Newt Gingrich is #38 on:

    Rank Most Influential Republicans

    views: 582

  • 8of 10
    Newt Gingrich is #8 on:

    Politicians Sucking at Sports

    views: 4985

    Newt Gingrich and fellow GOP hopeful Rick Santorum both proved they are just a wee bit out of touch with current sports during a Januar...

  • 21of 36
    Newt Gingrich is #21 on:

    The Very Best of Bad Lip Reading

    views: 24151

    Ever wanted to hear Michele Bachman talk about curing nausea with one cockeyed boar? How about listening to bullied Internet celebrity ...

  • 6of 100
    Newt Gingrich is #6 on:

    The Worst Right-Wing Blowhards

    views: 917

  • 25of 64
    Newt Gingrich is #25 on:

    60+ Adopted Celebrities

    views: 117711

    Adopted by his stepfather at age 3 after the divorce of his young parents

  • 8of 12
    Newt Gingrich is #8 on:

    Celebrities Who Support the Tea Party

    views: 34917

    These are celebrity Tea Party supporters who've made their political leanings known. They are involved in pushing the Tea Party agenda ...

  • 5of 12
    Newt Gingrich is #5 on:

    12 Anti-Gay Politicians with LGBT Relatives

    views: 14070

    Stance on LGBT Rights: The former Republican Speaker of the House has long been opposed to LGBT rights. He claims the fight over LGBT r...

  • 15of 38
    Newt Gingrich is #15 on:

    Politicians who smoked Marijuana Post-Prohibition

    views: 4784

    A list of politicians who smoked marijuana post-prohibition, with pictures. Smoking pot may lead to tragedy, but it can also lead to th...

  • 29of 30
    Newt Gingrich is #29 on:

    30 Most Iconic American Politicians who Weren't President

    views: 198

    highest ranking office speaker of the house party republican

  • 1of 24
    Newt Gingrich is #1 on:

    24 Family Values Politicians Caught Having Affairs

    views: 1700

    Newt Gingrich may be a Republican who constantly spouts his conservative family values, but that didn't stop him from cheating on both ...

  • 24of 47
    Newt Gingrich is #24 on:

    40+ Politicians who smoked Marijuana

    views: 10696

    A list of politicians who smoked marijuana, with pictures. Smoking pot may lead to tragedy, but it can also lead to the White House. Th...

  • 18of 76
    Newt Gingrich is #18 on:

    Time Magazine: Person Of The Year

    views: 6715

    In 1927, a magazine came up with the 'Person of the year' title. It was by TIME magazine that has been a pioneer since when it was laun...


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