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    P!nk is currently #542 on:

    The Hottest Celebrities of All Time

    views: 1169473

    This list of hot celebrities is ranked by pop culture junkies worldwide, making it the best place to find the sexiest celebrities accor...

  • 12of 25
    P!nk is currently #12 on:

    The Hottest Women with Brightly Colored Hair

    views: 62177

    List of the hottest women with brightly colored hair. Stylish and sexy women in Hollywood are dyeing their hair into every color of the...

  • 290of 832
    P!nk is currently #290 on:

    The Most Beautiful Women in the World

    views: 295250

    The most beautiful women in the world are a cross-section of the most beautiful women on primetime TV, the hottest celebrities of all-t...

  • 25of 134
    P!nk is currently #25 on:

    The Best Female Rock Singers

    views: 70161

    Best female rock vocalists of all time include some of the greatest girl rock singers ever. This list includes some of the most memorab...

  • 29of 263
    P!nk is currently #29 on:

    The Best Female Vocalists Ever

    views: 140350

    List of the best female singers of all time, ranked by music fans and casual critics like you. Who are the greatest female vocalists ev...

  • 204of 556
    P!nk is currently #204 on:

    The Worst Bands of All Time

    views: 325637

    The worst bands in music history, ranked by music fans (and haters.) This list contains the most awful bands to listen to from througho...

  • 17of 124
    P!nk is currently #17 on:

    The Greatest Women in Music, 1980s to Today

    views: 23469

    The greatest female artist since the 1980s are ranked and voted on through this countdown. In 1998, VH1 ranked the greatest women in ro...

  • 40of 150
    P!nk is currently #40 on:

    The Sexiest Artists of All Time

    views: 44484

    If you've got it, flaunt it, and that's what these rock stars do. And for that they've been rewarded with the honor of sexiest artists ...

  • 41of 210
    P!nk is currently #41 on:

    The Best Singers of All Time

    views: 37759

    Who are the best singers of all time? That's a tough question to ask. This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all ...

  • 234of 342
    P!nk is currently #234 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time

    views: 58995

    When VH1 polled fellow artists to name the greatest artists of all time, it seemed like a good idea---but in reality, the list was trul...

  • 8of 192
    P!nk is currently #8 on:

    The Greatest New Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years

    views: 185529

    The greatest female vocalists of the 2000s from all over the globe duke it out to see who has the best voice. While every artist on the...

  • 232of 233
    P!nk is currently #232 on:

    Who Should Be in the 2013 Maxim Hot 100?

    views: 82588

    Maxim Magazine is accepting votes for their 2013 Hot 100 list, but before that's published the Ranker Community is going to have its sa...

  • 36of 80
    P!nk is currently #36 on:

    Famous Women You'd Want to Have a Beer With

    views: 13443

    A list of famous women you'd want to have a beer with. Fellas, there are a lot of gals out there we wish we had the chance to have a ch...

  • 2of 84
    P!nk is currently #2 on:

    The Best Current Female Singers

    views: 67504

    The best female singers currently performing rank among some of the best female singers of all time without contest. These are the mos...

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    P!nk is currently #53 on:

    The Hottest Female Pop Stars

    views: 177626

    The sexiest pop divas in music from all over the world have been voted on and ranked by fans, music experts, and most likely guys that ...

  • 15of 31
    P!nk is currently #15 on:

    The Best Mononymous Singers & Musicians

    views: 13284

    Complete list of famous singers & musicians with one name, crowdsourced and ranked by name recognition. No need for a last name! Th...

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    P!nk is #18 on:

    The 32 Hottest Women With Body Piercings

    views: 120029

    The sexiest girls with piercings are on this list. Of all famous people in Hollywood, its this group of hot women with a pierced body p...

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    P!nk is #7 on:

    27 Celebrities Who Worked at McDonald's

    views: 10726

    Pop singer Pink worked at several Pennsylvania fast food chains before becoming a superstar, including McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Wendy...

  • 11of 53
    P!nk is #11 on:

    The Greatest Gay Icons in Music

    views: 8621

    Pink is a big supporter of gay rights and gay marriage. Her empowering music and strong sense of self has helped her develop a large ga...

  • 75of 85
    P!nk is #75 on:

    85 Famous High School Dropouts

    views: 6445

    Pink didn't need a high school diploma to realize her dreams of becoming a superstar.

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    P!nk is #8 on:

    The Full Names of 50 Mononymous People

    views: 1913

    Pink was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979. The tough-girl rock star has worn pink hair several times in her career.

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    P!nk is #20 on:

    Best Dance-Punk Bands/Artists

    views: 14872

    Dance-punk artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good dance-punk bands includes a filter so you can sort by...

  • 24of 51
    P!nk is #24 on:

    51 Celebrities Who Have Had Miscarriages

    views: 6775

    Pink wrote the song "Beam Me Up" after suffering a miscarriage.

  • 250of 251
    P!nk is #250 on:

    Best Dance-pop Artists

    views: 11930

    Dance-pop artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good dance-pop bands includes a filter so you can sort by t...

  • 1of 28
    P!nk is #1 on:

    Best Dance Bands/Artists

    views: 2918

    Dance artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good dance bands includes a filter so you can sort by the group...

  • 195of 241
    P!nk is #195 on:

    AskMen's Nominees for 2013 Most Desirable Women

    views: 11535

  • 48of 75
    P!nk is #48 on:

    75 Hot Pics of Celebrities With Ice Cream

    views: 1475

    A collection of promotion pictures or ads for ice cream, wallpapers or just plain pictures of gorgeous celebrities enjoying the refresh...

  • 2of 49
    P!nk is #2 on:

    Hit Music Artists We Hope Will Release A 2014 Album

    views: 428

    These are best-selling artists who may or may not release new albums in 2014. But we hope they will!

  • 2of 31
    P!nk is #2 on:

    Twitter Rankings: Top Twitter Celebrities

    views: 36925


  • 12of 20
    P!nk is #12 on:

    Best Grammy Red Carpet Fashions 2014

    views: 6540

    The best Grammy red carpet fashions of 2014 are those talented musicians, actors and other celebrities who looked the best as they walk...

  • 2of 17
    P!nk is #2 on:

    Best Female Singer of 2012

    views: 1716

    The Best Female Singers of 2012

  • 22of 24
    P!nk is #22 on:

    People Who'd do Society a Favor by Disappearing

    views: 11838

    These are some people who fit into the category of "Boil on the Butt of Humanity".

  • 5of 10
    P!nk is #5 on:

    The Most Elaborate Celebrity Proposals

    views: 421

    Less elaborate than it is crazy, Pink stormed the track during one of Hart's motocross races and held up a sign the read "Will You...

  • 12of 20
    P!nk is #12 on:

    Tony Ward Dresses on Celebrities

    views: 724

    Pink entered in an uncharacteristically ladylike gown in ombre tones by Tony Ward with subtle jeweled embellishment on the waistline an...

  • 12of 30
    P!nk is #12 on:

    The 30 Greatest On-Stage Falls of All Time

    views: 152538

    If you start the video at 00:40, you can see that one of the on-stage harness-keepers (yes, this is the best role we could think of for...

  • 42of 50
    P!nk is #42 on:

    Odd-Looking Babies Who Grew Up to Be Music Stars

    views: 1564

    List of odd-looking babies who would become some of the hottest music stars ever. Our musical heroes tend to be both beautiful and tale...

  • 2of 30
    P!nk is #2 on:

    Pop Stars' and Musician's Very First Tweets

    views: 2097

    List of pop stars's first Tweets. Behold this collection of celebrity Tweets from some of the most popular musicians in the world when ...

  • 15of 16
    P!nk is #15 on:

    Bad Suicide Hotline Hold Music

    views: 7355

    Just Like a PillYou know what else is just like a pill? The pills the caller has in her hand and is about to take.

  • 4of 34
    P!nk is #4 on:

    34 Celebrities Who Own Motorcycles

    views: 428

    Musician Pink owns a Triumph Bonneville T100 and a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Iron 883N.

  • 34of 76
    P!nk is #34 on:

    Celebrities Who Live in Malibu

    views: 427

    Pink owns a $11.8 million dollar home in Malibu.

  • 14of 50
    P!nk is #14 on:

    The Top 50 People with the Most Twitter Followers

    views: 1025


  • 5of 8
    P!nk is #5 on:

    Jeremy Piven's Loves & Hookups

    views: 5387

    Who is Jeremy Piven dating? Who Jeremy Piven dated; list of Jeremy Piven loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relations...

  • 6of 26
    P!nk is #6 on:

    26 Celebrities Who Do P90X

    views: 196

    Pink used a combination of P90X and hot yoga to get her body back in shape after having a baby in 2011.

  • 13of 100
    P!nk is #13 on:

    100 Greatest Women in Music from 1990 to 2012

    views: 110

  • 1of 8
    P!nk is #1 on:

    Eight Unexpected Celebrity Orthopedic Injuries

    views: 17388

    In 2009 the singer separated her shoulder while singing from a trapeze during her Funhouse tour.  http://patients.nuehealth.com/or...


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