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Prick is the sixth album by the Melvins, which was released in 1994 through Amphetamine Reptile Records. Because at the time the Melvins already had a contract with Atlantic, Prick was released with the band name in mirror writing. The album displays a distinctly experimental quality, going as far as King Buzzo stating in an interview that Prick is "a total noise crap record we did strictly for the weirdness factor. Complete and utter nonsense, a total joke.&qu...

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Prick videos

  • Prick:

    Prick: "Communiqué"

  • Prick:

    Prick: "Other People"

  • Prick - S/T - Full Album

    Prick - S/T - Full Album

  • Prick - Animal

    Prick - Animal