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    The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time

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    The Top Marvel Comics Superheroes

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    The Most Badass Big Screen Action Heroes

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    The Most Badass Video Game Heroes of All Time

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    The Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Characters for PVP

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    Punisher is #20 on:

    The Best Characters Created by Stan Lee

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    Comics/Characters That Should Be TV Series

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    I'm pretty sure everyone is hoping for Punisher to be brought into the MCU, and I think the best way would be as possibly a future seri...

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    Punisher is #5 on:

    The Best Anti-Heroes in Comics

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    An anti-hero is defined as a leading character in a story who lacks traditional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, nobility, f...

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    Punisher is #10 on:

    My Top 10 Anti-Heroes in Marvel/DC comics

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    Captain America's Enemies

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    Punisher is #5 on:

    25 Hot Girls Dressed As Non-Sexy Characters

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