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    Hottest Rose McGowan Photos

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    Photos of Rose McGowan, among Hollywood's hottest women.Rose's first on screen role was in Pauly Shore's "Encino Man". She then went on to star in movies like "The Doom Generation", "Scream"...more

  • Best Rose McGowan Movies

    Best Rose McGowan Movies

    by Reference views: 8094

    List of the best Rose McGowan movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Rose McGowan's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around...more

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    This is a list of celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these stars have become more...

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    Planet Terror

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    This is an Ultimate List of the hottest women over 40. It's hard to believe that some of these well known women are over 40, considerin...

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    Rose McGowan is currently #13 on:

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    Looking very much like how Wonder Woman still looks in my dreams, Rose McGowan in Planet Terror (2007) writhes around on stage in a red...

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    Rose McGowan is #14 on:

    The 16 Most Surprisingly Bilingual Celebrities

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    Actors are known for being skilled at languages, using their talents to tell universal stories. But while many of the most recognizable...

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    Rose McGowan is #2 on:

    Girls Marilyn Manson Has Banged

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    Actress...ostensibly. Manson was once engaged to McGowan but their relationship ended in 2000.

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    Rose McGowan is #15 on:

    50+ Famous People with OCD

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    "Planet Terror" star Rose McGowan suffers from OCD related to agoraphobia.

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    Rose McGowan is #18 on:

    53 Celebrities Who Were Abused

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    Rose McGowan was a victim of religious manipulation and abuse.  She grew up in a cult that promoted "free love" which sh...

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    Rose McGowan is #35 on:

    50+ Famous People Who Were Bullied

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    Rose McGowan was bullied for being different, but the Scream star doesn't waste her time worrying about what people think of her.

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    Rose McGowan is #37 on:

    43 Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

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    "Scream" actress Rose McGowan co-owns Dominick's in West Hollywood, California. The original restaurant opened in 1948 and it...

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    Rose McGowan is #54 on:

    60+ Actors Who Went to Rehab

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    Rose McGowan went to rehab for drug addiction when she was just 14 years old.

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    Rose McGowan is #88 on:

    All Maxim Cover Girls: List of Every Maxim Covergirl

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    Mar-99 & Apr-07

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    Rose McGowan is #40 on:

    Best Dressed Red Dress with the Biggest Thigh-High Slit

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    Rose McGowan is #17 on:

    Celebrities in Tom Ford Dresses

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    Rose McGowan worked the menswear trend at the 2011 amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles wearing a Tom Ford suit. Her sexy look consisted ...

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    Rose McGowan is #2 on:

    Blumarine Dresses on Celebrities

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    Rose McGowan wearing a Blumarine white sleeveless gown with a plunging v-neck and gathered detailing at the waist brought some va-va-vo...

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    Rose McGowan is #2 on:

    Juan Carlos Obando Dresses on Celebrities

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    Rose McGowan attended the event in an eye-popping green printed sleeveless dress with a deep v-neck from Juan Carlos Obando Spring 2011...

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    Rose McGowan is #7 on:

    Reigning Scream Queens

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    Claim to the Crown:Scream (1996)Phantoms (1998)Death Proof (2007)

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    Rose McGowan is #23 on:

    24 Celebrities with Gay Siblings

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    Rose McGowan's sister is openly gay. She said, "I was furious with how horribly the whole Prop. 8 campaign was run in California. ...

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    Rose McGowan is #35 on:

    79 Actors Who Played Multiple Roles in the Same Film

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    Rose McGowan played Cherry Darling and Pam in Grindhouse (2007).

  • 6of 12
    Rose McGowan is #6 on:

    12 Celebrities Who Were Raised in Cults

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    Born in Florence, actress Rose McGowan grew up in the Children of God cult her father ran an Italian chapter of the cult. As a child, s...

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    Rose McGowan is #22 on:

    60+ Famous People Who Meditate

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    AcRose McGowan is trained in transcendental meditation.

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    Rose McGowan is #51 on:

    Celebrities Who Live in Los Feliz

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    Actress Rose McGowan sold her 4,278 sq. ft. Los Feliz home back in 2011.

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    Rose McGowan is #14 on:

    70+ Famous People with Porsches

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    Actress Rose McGowan owns a Porsche Cayenne.

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    Rose McGowan is #22 on:

    75+ Famous People of French Descent

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    Rose McGowan was born in Italy and is of French and Irish descent. She has appeared in films such as Scream and Planet Terror.

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    Rose McGowan is #15 on:

    The 40 Hottest Irish Girls (2012 Edition)

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    Another purely Irish name, Ms. McGowan (and former Mrs. Marilyn Manson) is the daughter of Daniel McGowan, an Irish artist and spent a ...

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    Hottest Women Over 40 in 2013

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    Rose McGowan is #30 on:

    Actors in the Most Robert Rodriguez Movies

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    1. Grindhouse: Planet Terror (2007)2. Machete (2010)

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    Who Was At Daft Punk's Grammys Party?

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    Rose McGowan is #13 on:

    Hottest Women in Action Movies

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