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  • Best Russell Brand Movies List

    Best Russell Brand Movies List

    by Reference views: 53777

    List of the best Russell Brand movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Russell Brand's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions arou...more

  • Hot Russell Brand Photos

    Hot Russell Brand Photos

    by ChristieBuckner views: 2975

    The best photos of English comedian and actor Russell Brand, best known for his role as Aldous Snow in Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The performer, known for his eccentricity, unpredictability and p...more

  • Russell Brand Tattoos

    Russell Brand Tattoos

    by Tat Fancy views: 17681

    Russell Brand tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Russell Brand is a British standup comedian, actor and media personality. Brand made his TV debut on the U.K. version of Big Brother before launchin...more

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    Hecklers: (n) People who harass and try to disconcert others with questions, challenges, or gibes -- they often think they're being rea...

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    Russell Brand is #4 on:

    58 Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

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    Russell Brand has been diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.  He also has suffered with bulimia.

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    Hottest Hairy Guys

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    30 Worst Dressed Male Celebrities

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    Russell Brand is #74 on:

    Full List of All Celebrity Mug Shots

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    Actor Russell Brand was arrested by police in New Orleans in March of 2012. The charges against Brand stemmed from an altercation with ...

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    The Most Egregious Male Gold Diggers

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    Comedian/actor/writer/former sex addict Russell Brand might have cleaned himself up, written some humorous memoirs and nabbed millions ...

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    Russell Brand is #4 on:

    26 Celebrities Who Self-Harm

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    Russell Brand struggled with bulimia and self harm as a teenager.

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    Russell Brand is #6 on:

    Celebrities Who Quit Drinking

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    Russell Brand has been sober for over 10 years. Brand is a vegan and now uses meditation to cope with the stresses of life.

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    Russell Brand is #18 on:

    75+ Famous People Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

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    Russell Brand has voiced several cartoon characters including Dr. Nefario in Despicable Me and E.B. in Hop.

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    13 People Courtney Love Has Banged, Ranked By Their Sanity

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    Did Russell Brand sleep with Courtney Love?They definitely met in 2006 and Courtney had admitted to having a crush on him before that. ...

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    Russell Brand is #28 on:

    Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

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    Russell Brand has been very outspoken about his past drug use. In his book My Booky Wook, he states, "We all need something to hel...

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    Russell Brand is #9 on:

    17 Celebrities Who Live in West Hollywood

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    Russell Brand lived in West Hollywood with then-wife Katy Perry in 2011. They sold the $6.5 million mansion after they divorced.

  • 9of 29
    Russell Brand is #9 on:

    The Most Outrageous Celebrity Attacks on Paparazzi

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    Comedian and actor Russell Brand was arrested at LAX in 2010 for battery, after attacking a photographer who was bothering him and then...

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    Russell Brand is #15 on:

    Celebrity Swatting Victims

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    4/8/13: Police responded to a call about an armed man inside the British comedian's home. The officer did not say whether Brand was hom...

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    Russell Brand is #14 on:

    Celebrity Arrests 2012: Celebrities Arrested in 2012

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    Actor Russell Brand was arrested in New Orleans in March of 2012, for allegedly grabbing an iPhone from a photographer and throwing it ...

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    Russell Brand is #48 on:

    Celebrities Who Practice Transcendental Meditation

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    Known as: Comedian, Actor

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    Russell Brand is #37 on:

    70+ Celebrities Who Do Yoga

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    Comedian Russell Brand loves yoga and credits it as a major factor in overcoming his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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