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  • ranked it 20of 106
    Sakura Haruno is currently #20 on:
    Best Naruto Characters

    The Best Naruto Characters

    views: 18097

    Naruto characters - The best characters in the universe of the Naruto series are listed below. This list includes the best major Naruto...

  • Best Female Anime Characters added it 40of 59
    Sakura Haruno is currently #40 on:

    Best Female Anime Characters

    views: 4327

    List of the best female anime characters. These are the most powerful females, the anime characters who are attractive, intelligent, or...

  • Sexiest Anime Babes added it 29of 34
    Sakura Haruno is currently #29 on:

    Sexiest Anime Babes

    views: 4812

  • Strongest Naruto Universe Characters added it 12of 38
    Sakura Haruno is currently #12 on:

    Strongest Naruto Universe Characters

    views: 156

    No real order. Up until Top 10. 

  • My favorite Naruto Characters ranked it 8of 25
    Sakura Haruno is #8 on:

    My favorite Naruto Characters

    views: 3412

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