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    People We Wish Were Still Alive

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    RIP to our world's greatest achievers, those who changed the way we live and the ways we thought. This list of people we wish were stil...

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    Discovery's Top 10 Women In Space

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    These are the top women who've got to space, making a significant contribution to space discovery. For full article and photo gallery, ...

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    Sally Ride is #17 on:

    2012 in Memoriam: Who We’ll Miss the Most from 2012

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    2012 in memoriam: who we'll miss the most from 2012 are those cherished celebrities and beloved famous people who passed away during th...

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    Sally Ride is #62 on:

    Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List

    views: 3338877

    7/23/12: Physicist Sally Ride joined NASA in 1978 and became the first American woman to travel to space in 1983. She was part of the f...

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    People Who Have Been To Space

    views: 30135

    These 519 space travelers have all flown in space. It's not all astronauts, the list includes people with backgrounds in teaching, poli...

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    Female Space Travelers: A Complete List

    views: 9391

    Complete list of all 43 female space travelers. These are people who have been to space, but aren't necessarily astronauts. In fact, th...

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    53 Famous Women Who Used to Be Girl Scouts

    views: 30672

    A list of famous people who were real-life girl scouts. This list of girl scout alumnae includes celebrities, politicians, and other no...


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