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    The Crap You Eat in College - Ranked

    views: 38700

    If you've been to College, or are there now, there is a single unifying factor most students share. They are flat broke... all the time...

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    The Best Condiments to Keep on the Fridge Door

    views: 12751

    A list of the best condiments to keep on the fridge door, ranked best to worst by eaters everywhere. There might be nothing else in you...

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    The Best Burger Toppings

    views: 58282

    What are the best burger toppings? That really depends on who you ask. Everyone, it seems, has certain favorite hamburger toppings. Ver...

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    Best Tailgate Foods

    views: 388

    List of the best tailgate foods. In the United States, there is a tradition celebrated all over the country at football games and other...

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    The Best Super Bowl Foods

    views: 1734

    List of the best Super Bowl food, as ranked by food lovers and Super Bowl enthusiasts. For many football followers, the Super Bowl is l...

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    The Best Party Foods

    views: 960

    List of the best party foods, as ranked by food lovers and party enthusiasts. If you want to ensure that your party is a success,decora...

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    List of All Official U.S. State Foods

    views: 16175

    State Snack: Texas

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    Raw Food Diet - Best Transition Foods

    views: 5626

    Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet? The following list of raw foods is perfect for your transition to a raw menu. Feel free to import the...

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    Best Things to Put in a Crepe

    views: 529

    List of the best things to put in a crepe, ranked by chefs, cooks, and crepe lovers from all over the world. Crepes are one of the most...

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    Best Things To Put in Mac and Cheese

    views: 498

    List of things to put in mac and cheese, as ranked by chefs, cooks, and food lovers. Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular foo...

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    Superbowl Snacks & Cheap Party Food: The Perfect 5 Layer Dip

    views: 8871

    If you do not want to make this salsa yourself, go to Costco and buy some. With this recipe, you can either do a salsa verde or a tamat...


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