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    San Francisco Giants is currently #3 on:

    Baseball Teams with the Most Annoying Fans

    views: 18782

    The baseball teams with the most annoying fans are those American League and National League squads in Major League Baseball that you h...

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    San Francisco Giants is currently #59 on:

    Sports Teams With The Most Fanatical Fans

    views: 56019

    A Crowdranked List of the most fanatical fans that ever rooted for their team. Guys who roll cop cars when their team wins (or loses), ...

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    San Francisco Giants is currently #25 on:

    The Best Sports Franchises Of All Time

    views: 77270

    The best sports franchises in sports history, ranked by sports fans for sports fans. Most teams have a dynasty that only lasts for a fe...

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    San Francisco Giants is currently #5 on:

    The Best Baseball Teams of All Time

    views: 4323

    What are the best baseball teams ever? Anyone who loves MLB likely has at least one, or more, favorite teams. Some people fall in love ...

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    San Francisco Giants is #11 on:

    Most Popular Professional Sports Teams (U.S.)

    views: 350

    Original ranking based on a Bleacher Report post. Feel free to add more teams and vote your favorites up.

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    San Francisco Giants is #3 on:

    The Best National League Teams In 2014

    views: 1004

    Which is the best National League team of the 2014 season? This list includes each of Major League Baseball's 15 National League teams ...


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