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    Sarasota is currently #38 on:

    The Best U.S. Cities for Vacations

    views: 45814

    Vacationing in cities may not be as restful as spending a week or two out by the lake, and it may not always be the best option for fam...

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    Sarasota is #11 on:

    The Best Beaches in Florida

    views: 4617

    List of the best beaches in Florida, ranked. This list includes the top sea, sand, and sun combinations in the Sunshine State, from the...

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    Sarasota is #8 on:

    The Best Beaches in the US

    views: 4105

    What are the best beaches in the U.S.? This list includes many of the greatest beaches and beach towns in the United States. If you're ...

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    Sarasota is #35 on:

    The Best Beach Destinations for a Family Vacation

    views: 528

    List of top beach destinations for a family trip. Looking for the perfect beach vacation for your family? This list ranks the best beac...

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    Sarasota is #33 on:

    The Best Cities for Allergies

    views: 669

    List of the top cities for people with allergies. It comes around every Spring, that plague known as allergy season. You may spend most...

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    Sarasota is #6 on:

    The Best Beaches in the South

    views: 4359

    What are the best beaches in the South? Southern beaches are among the most gorgeous beaches in the U.S. Whether it's the fine, powdery...

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    Sarasota is #10 on:

    Most Popular Cities in Florida

    views: 773

    Since there are so many lists already about the most popular beaches in Florida, I have decided to make one about the most popular citi...


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