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    The Best TV Shows of Recent Memory

    views: 198898

    This best TV show list represents the combined opinions of hundreds of TV fans. Anyone can vote on this list of the best TV shows of re...

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    Scandal is currently #38 on:

    TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

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    The worst TV shows on the air, that deserve cancellation after this current season. Though reality TV is often singled out as the trash...

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    Scandal is currently #75 on:

    The Best Streaming Netflix TV Shows

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    The best streaming Netflix TV shows include some great television dramas, sci-fi/adventure shows, sitcoms and reality TV programs. What...

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    Scandal is currently #25 on:

    The Creepiest Shows on TV Right Now

    views: 26236

    The horror genre has been a major staple of television since "The Twilight Zone" began scaring audiences around the world in ...

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    The Best Shows Currently on the Air

    views: 100693

    Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry

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    The Best Current Dramatic TV Shows

    views: 65129

    The best dramatic shows of all time took us back in time, allowed us to visit far away lands and most of all, pulled at our heart strin...

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    Scandal is currently #18 on:

    The Best TV Dramas of 2013

    views: 20322

    Drama television shows often get a lot of attention from viewers and critics because they have a bit of everything. There is suspense,r...

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    Scandal is currently #11 on:

    The Best Dramas on Cable Right Now

    views: 4481

    Fast paced and with characters that you begin to like, foibles all all.Wikipedia: Scandal is an American political thril...

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    Scandal is currently #27 on:

    The Best TV Shows of 2013

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    Best TV shows of 2013 include some of the greatest television shows of all time and serve to remind us that we are, in fact, in a golde...

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    The Best New TV Shows of 2012

    views: 22148

    The best new TV shows of 2012 are, plain and simple, the new shows debuting in 2012 that don't completely suck. These 2012 new TV shows...

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