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    Scion xB is currently #21 on:

    The Worst Cars Ever Made

    views: 197526

    This list of the worst cars ever is ranked by auto aficionados worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of stupid cars, making this a tr...

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    Scion xB is currently #107 on:

    Top Cars For Teenagers

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    A list of top cars for teenagers, based in part on results provided by US News, but ranked by you, the public. What are the best cars f...

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    Scion xB is #9 on:'s Top 25 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

    views: 12229's list of The Top 25 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars. These cars will save you loads on gas. For the full article go to

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    Scion xB is #9 on:

    The Best Cars for College Students

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    Scion xB is #5 on:

    Top 10 Used Cars for Teens

    views: 601

    Fortunately there’s enough variety among the cars on CarInsurance’s list for protective parents and their born-to-be-wild offspring to ...

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    Scion xB is #5 on:

    6 Best New Cars For Your Teenager

    views: 12147

    This one is great for teens with lots of gear, such as a cellist, hockey player or outdoorsy camper. The xB has near-SUV-sized space fo...

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    Scion xB is #32 on:

    All New Cars Under $25000

    views: 16589


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    Scion xB is #6 on:

    The Most Ticketed Cars

    views: 41626

    Average Age: 37 Male: 40%Three things struck me as "weird" about this entry. First.. it's a Scion xB. Who speeds in these? On...


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