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    Somalia is #29 on:

    The Coolest National Flags

    views: 23478

    List of the Best Country Flags ranked from best to worst. When considering which country has the best flag, there are a few things that...

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    Somalia is #47 on:

    The 77 Countries Where It's Still Illegal to Be Gay

    views: 2957

    In Somalia, same-sex relationships are punishable by up to three years in prison.  In regions that operate under Shariah law, the ...

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    Somalia is #45 on:

    The Countries In Africa

    views: 72163

    List of all countries in Africa and their capitals. View countries that are African and capitals of African countries here.What are the...

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    Somalia is #10 on:

    Countries on the Equator

    views: 9365

    There are over 200 countries in the World. Of these only 13 lie on the equator, in three continents - Africa, Asia and South America. O...

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    Somalia is #1 on:

    Most Vulnerable Countries 2009

    views: 4604

    Below are the top 20 weakest countries. These are the countries that are at high risk and are vulnerable to any internal external press...

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    Somalia is #16 on:

    Countries with No Minimum Drinking Age

    views: 1104

    List of countries where there is no minimum drinking age. Most countries are used to having a strict drinking age, from 16 to 21 years ...

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    Somalia is #13 on:

    The World's Most Repressive Societies

    views: 6425

    This list includes the countries in the World with most repressive society. Repressive societies are defined as exerting pervasive cont...

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    Somalia is #22 on:

    Swine Flu Cases Around The World

    views: 5716

    List of swine flu cases around the world. Swine flu outbreaks and swine flu countries are found here to show the impact of swine flu wo...

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    Somalia is #8 on:

    Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal

    views: 534

    Only in 2012 did Somalia vote to allow women to have an abortion, as long as it will save the life of the mother. Otherwise it is punis...


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