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    Super Mario Galaxy is currently #43 on:

    The Best Video Games of All Time

    views: 33388

    Video games are more popular than ever. Since the early '80 when gaming systems like Atari, Nintendo and Sega first took arcade favorit...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is currently #14 on:

    The Best Nintendo Games, Ranked

    views: 11626

    The best Nintendo games of all time include classic NES titles, N64 gems, and new high tech Wii titles. These fan favorite Nintendo gam...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #70 on:

    Best Wii U Games

    views: 467

    PLEASE VOTE. This is a list of best wii u games including virtual console and wii games so add any game that either can be played throu...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #1 on:

    Easiest Video Game Boss Battles of All Time

    views: 1540

    Easy video game bosses can either make a game fun or ruin it altogether. Boss battles in video games are meant to be a challenge, to ma...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #13 on:

    Paste Magazine's 20 Best Games of the Decade

    views: 2934

    List of Paste Magazine's 20 Best Video Games of the Decade. The Top 20 best video games of the 00's according to popular media magazine...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #11 on:

    PSD Tut Plus' Top 40 Best Video Game Covers of All Time

    views: 5194

    A list of the best video game covers ever made. Artwork on video games, design in video games and design in video game covers are often...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #259 on:

    The Best Nintendo Wii Games

    views: 2316

    List of the best Nintendo Wii game ever produced for the Nintendo Wii system. The Nintendo Wii console is one of the most popular game ...

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #4 on:

    Top 20 Wii Games

    views: 184

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    Super Mario Galaxy is #4 on:

    Top 11 Mario Games

    views: 1667

    I present my very 1st countdown: Top 10 Mario Games in my opinion. If you have you're own list, go ahead and leave a comment or make th...


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