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    Superman is currently #4 on:

    The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time

    views: 127021

    List of the most badass, tough, and iconic comic book superheroes ever created. This list includes central characters from both the DC ...

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    Superman is currently #2 on:

    The Best Members of the Justice League and JLA

    views: 50143

    The top members of the Justice League list. The Justice League consists of all the biggest superheroes in the DC universe. These are th...

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    Superman is currently #15 on:

    The Hottest Male Comic Book Characters

    views: 57545

    The hottest comic book men, as voted on by Rankers around the world. From superheroes to supervillains, these are the sexiest guys your...

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    Superman is currently #181 on:

    The Greatest TV Characters of All Time

    views: 140491

    List of TV's most memorable characters, of all time, chosen by the Ranker community. What makes a character live on in the public's mem...

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    Superman is currently #2 on:

    The Best DC Comics Heroes

    views: 26400

    DC Comics has a stable of great, iconic heroes on their roster, and while fans of Marvel would vehemently disagree – some of the best o...

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    Superman is currently #54 on:

    The Most Badass Big Screen Action Heroes

    views: 30082

    There are certain things that make the best movie heroes completely badass - that swagger, that style and most of all, the ability to d...

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    Superman is currently #32 on:

    The Best Characters from Batman Comics

    views: 43775

    The DC Universe has some great characters in it, but perhaps Gotham City has some of the best. Being non-superpowered, Batman's allies ...

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    Superman is #27 on:

    AFI's Best Movie Heroes

    views: 7327

    AFI's list of the 50 best film heroes of all-time. These aren't necessarily superhero movies, but they come pretty close.

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    Superman is #4 on:

    The Most Important Deaths in Comic History

    views: 2032

    No list about death in comic books would be complete without mentioning the death of Superman. I mean this is SUPERMAN. They killed SUP...

  • 2of 10
    Superman is #2 on:

    The Worst Resurrections in Comics

    views: 534

    Died: Superman saved Metropolis and the planet from destruction at the hands of Doomsday by fist fighting him to the death. Unfortunate...

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    Superman is #23 on:

    Cosplayers Who Stepped Right Out of the Comics

    views: 11420

    Fans across the globe migrate to San Diego each year for Comic-Con. But only the bravest of fans spend countless hours constructing a c...

  • 1of 16
    Superman is #1 on:

    Best Henry Cavill Characters

    views: 225

    Henry Cavill characters list, ranked from best to worst with clips from the movie when available. These Henry Cavill roles include both...

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    Superman is #30 on:

    The Best Fictional Characters Who Never Give Up

    views: 13339

    Perseverance is one of the most admirable traits a person can have and it’s quite common in fiction to have a protagonist who deals wit...

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    Superman is #2 on:

    The Most Iconic Comic Book Splash Pages Ever

    views: 1594


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    Superman is #23 on:

    Best Animation Characters

    views: 150

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    Superman is #1 on:

    15 Amazing Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage

    views: 448205

    The failed Superman project of the late 1990s has become the stuff of legend. The tentatively titled Superman Lives was to be base...

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    Superman is #1 on:

    Top 20 Superheroes (Rerank)

    views: 945

    Were you expecting someone else? Superman is the blueprint for the modern superhero. He’s arguably the single most important creation i...

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    Superman is #12 on:

    Best Visitors Ever

    views: 52

    best visitors

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    Superman is #7 on:

    Comic Book Characters I Want To Be

    views: 2595

    Surfing the cosmos without worry of food and shelter, the adventure would be endless! Having a woman, Shalla Bal, long for me across th...


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