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  • Ted Nugent Albums, Discography

    Ted Nugent Albums, Discography

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    List of all Ted Nugent albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Ted Nugent CDs and Ted Nugent records. List includes Ted Nugent album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an album cover feel...more

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    Ted Nugent is currently #57 on:

    The Biggest Douchebags in Hollywood

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    The biggest douchebags in Hollywood are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people ar...

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    Annoying Celebrities Who Should Just Go Away Already

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    The Most Ridiculous Political Pundits

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    This is a CrowdRanked list of the most over-the-top, spittle-stained, fist-thumping, hyperbolic political pundits of all time. Speakers...

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    The Worst Bands of All Time

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    The worst bands in music history, ranked by music fans (and haters.) This list contains the most awful bands to listen to from througho...

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    Ted Nugent is currently #47 on:

    Musicians Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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    Update:  Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, KISS, Hall and Oates, Linda Ronstadt and Cat Stevens were inducted into the Rock and Roll Ha...

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    Ted Nugent is currently #165 on:

    The Greatest Classic Rock Bands

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    The greatest classic rock bands of all time embody the spirit of a generation of people who just wanted to rock. These top classic rock...

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    Ted Nugent is currently #58 on:

    The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

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    The best guitarists of all time, voted on and ranked by many music fans, with photos and other info. A Wisdom of Crowds comprehensive r...

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    The Best Rock Bands of All Time

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    The best rock bands ever, ranked by music fans worldwide. Anyone can vote on this best rock bands list, which makes these rankings a tr...

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    The Best Metal Guitarists and Guitar Teams

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    List of the greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time, with photos. Clearly, the list contains a broad selection of guitarists who can stil...

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    People We Loved to Hate in 2012

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    People we loved to hate in 2012 include popular names in sports, entertainment, and, of course in an election year, politics. These peo...

  • 30of 113
    Ted Nugent is currently #30 on:

    The Best One-Hit Wonders of the 1970s

    views: 50561

    “'Cat Scratch Fever': Peaked at #30 on October 8, 1977.”

  • 41of 45
    Ted Nugent is currently #41 on:

    Celebrities You Want To See Play Survivor

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    Celebrities you want to see play "Survivor" are the kookiest, most high profile and just plain interesting celebrities who yo...

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  • 26of 60
    Ted Nugent is #26 on:

    The Rock Stars Who Have Aged the Worst

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    The rock stars who have aged the worst (and the best, if they are at the bottom of this list), ranked by the public. Vote thumbs UP if ...

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    Ted Nugent is #28 on:

    The Worst Right-Wing Blowhards

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  • 13of 40
    Ted Nugent is #13 on:

    Greatest Rock Bands/Artists of the 70s

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  • 6of 35
    Ted Nugent is #6 on:

    Overrated People of All Time

    views: 218

    The most overrated people in America. 

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    50 Celebrities Who Need to STFU

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    America makes some great entertainment, and that's primarily due to great entertainers. But sometimes those entertainers mistakenly bel...

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    Ted Nugent is #10 on:

    Famous People You'd Like To See On Big Brother...

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    Do you watch Big Brother? If they ever did a show with celebrities, musicians, politicians or anyone else famous who would you like to ...

  • 18of 47
    Ted Nugent is #18 on:

    47 Famous People Who Own Guns

    views: 7976

    Musician Ted Nugent is an avid hunter and owns a rifle collection.

  • 7of 431
    Ted Nugent is #7 on:

    Celebs You Probably Didn't Realize Are Republican

    views: 1146726

    Conservative Celebrities - list of Republican celebrities has over 400 celebrities who are Republicans. What celebrities are republican...

  • 5of 13
    Ted Nugent is #5 on:

    13 People Courtney Love Has Banged, Ranked By Their Sanity

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    In 2004, Courtney admitted on the Howard Stern Show that long before she became famous, she gave The Nuge a blow job backstage at a con...

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    Ted Nugent is #1 on:

    Rock Stars You Probably Didn't Realize Are Republican

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    Republican rock stars list is a sampling of the most conservative rock bands in the world. Full list of conservative rock bands and con...

  • 14of 20
    Ted Nugent is #14 on:

    My Favorite Bands As Of 11/1/82 (Age 14)

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    Evidence of an obsessive Ranker (and a music nerd) since long before this internet-thing existed. Written in cursive on a spiral-bound ...

  • 8of 21
    Ted Nugent is #8 on:

    21 Celebrities Who Have Testified Before Congress

    views: 1615

    By now, everyone should know that rocker Ted Nugent suffers from no shortage of opinions when it comes to government and politics. A st...

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    Ted Nugent is #10 on:

    Courtney Love's Loves & Hookups

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    Who is Courtney Love dating? Who Courtney Love dated; list of Courtney Love loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relatio...

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    Ted Nugent is #18 on:

    Celebrity Romney Supporters

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    The biggest celebrity Romney supporters include famous people from all aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of GOP presidential ...

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    Ted Nugent is #41 on:

    Republican Celebrities List

    views: 2298

  • 572of 633
    Ted Nugent is #572 on:

    Famous Lead Guitarists

    views: 18234

    Band Name: Amboy Dukes

  • 46of 298
    Ted Nugent is #46 on:

    Best Hard Rock Artists Of The 80's

    views: 1629

    This is Best Artists/Bands not best album release. Collective Artists Release's. Some bands did much better in previous or later decade...

  • 3of 12
    Ted Nugent is #3 on:

    Celebrities Who Support the Tea Party

    views: 31557

    These are celebrity Tea Party supporters who've made their political leanings known. They are involved in pushing the Tea Party agenda ...

  • 7of 10
    Ted Nugent is #7 on:

    Tiger Blood.

    views: 14693

    Proof that the Tiger Blood formula is not fully dependent on drugs.

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