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    The Kinks is currently #19 on:

    The Greatest Classic Rock Bands

    views: 41399

    The greatest classic rock bands of all time embody the spirit of a generation of people who just wanted to rock. These top classic rock...

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    The Kinks is currently #44 on:

    The Best Rock Bands of All Time

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    The Kinks is currently #19 on:

    Rank the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

    views: 30541

    Inducted in 1990. Inducted Members: Mick Avory, Dave Davies, Ray Davies and Peter Quaife.

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    The Kinks is currently #11 on:

    Top Pop Artists of the 1960s

    views: 10090

    List of the best pop artists of the 60s, ranked. The 1960s may very well be the best decade for music in the rock era. Music from the d...

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    The Kinks is #103 on:

    Best Country Rock Bands/Artists

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    The Kinks is #11 on:

    The Greatest 60s Rock Artists

    views: 620

    List of rock artists active in the 1960s, from surf to Woodstock. Which artists best defined music in the 1960s? Who were the most infl...

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    The Kinks is #61 on:

    Top 100 Artists of All Time

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