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The Last Show

WJM-TV has some personnel changes in the executive department (again), and everyone except Ted Baxter is fired. The new station manager wants to see the WJM News the highest-ranked in Minneapolis, and for some reason feels that Ted can help him make it happen. (Seems a little odd, eh?) The gang says goodbye to each other in the form of a long, hard cry. Mary thanks them all for being her surrogate family, and Lou finally sentimentally says, ""I cherish you...

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The Last Show videos

  • Selena The Last Concert 1995-Completo

    Selena The Last Concert 1995-Completo

  • Asking Alexandria

    Asking Alexandria "The Final Episode" Official Music Video | Director: @RobbyStarbuck

  • Riverdance the final performance

    Riverdance the final performance

  • The Last Show