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  • ranked it 18of 64
    Thing is currently #18 on:

    The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time

    views: 38723

    A list of the ultimate Avengers line-up, composed of the best and most complimentary characters from throughout the Marvel Universe, as...

  • ranked it 29of 141
    Thing is currently #29 on:

    The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time

    views: 102114

    List of the most badass, tough and iconic comic book superheroes ever created. This list includes central characters from both the DC a...

  • ranked it 22of 59
    Thing is currently #22 on:

    Top Marvel Comics Superheroes

    views: 5927

    Top Marvel superheroes list includes all the greatest heroes ever to be inked into a comic books. The best Marvel superhero movies got ...

  • Top 200 Comic Book Heroes added it 53of 165
    Thing is currently #53 on:

    Top 200 Comic Book Heroes

    views: 876

    The List of the top 200 Heroes in Comics. Every hero is on hero for a reason and because they are all awesome. I will be adding more so...

  • Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Characters for PVP added it 61of 62
    Thing is currently #61 on:

    Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Characters for PVP

    views: 4744

    Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Character for PVP

  • Time Travelers added it 47of 58
    Thing is currently #47 on:

    Time Travelers

    views: 150

    People who have traveled through time.

  • Favorite Comic Book Characters added it 32of 55
    Thing is currently #32 on:

    Favorite Comic Book Characters

    views: 4566

  • List of All of the Avengers ranked it 33of 99
    Thing is #33 on:

    List of All of the Avengers

    views: 87021

    Benjamin Jacob Grimm

  • Best Marvel Heroes ranked it 9of 10
    Thing is #9 on:

    Best Marvel Heroes

    views: 1955

  • Hulk Villains ranked it 302of 344
    Thing is #302 on:

    Hulk Villains

    views: 68383

    This is a full list of all Hulk enemies and supervillains that has ever existed. The following Hulk enemy list can be sorted by the nam...

  • Top 20 Superheroes (Rerank) ranked it 18of 20
    Thing is #18 on:

    Top 20 Superheroes (Rerank)

    views: 813

    This is a rerank of my previous list.

  • Top 15 Marvel Heroes ranked it 8of 15
    Thing is #8 on:

    Top 15 Marvel Heroes

    views: 729

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