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    Tim Allen is currently #126 on:

    The Funniest Stand Up Comedians of All Time

    views: 160145

    The greatest stand up comics all have one thing in common: they are funny comedians. These are the cream of the crop: the funniest stan...

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    Tim Allen is currently #147 on:

    The Funniest People of All Time

    views: 141092

    The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny....

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    Tim Allen is #19 on:

    Famous Gemini Celebrities

    views: 9265

    This list of famous Geminis is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Geminis and a description of Gemini traits. Those born...

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    Tim Allen is #37 on:

    The Best Film Actors Who Got Famous on TV First

    views: 11268

    This is a list of famous film actors who got famous on TV first, as ranked by experts and fans alike.There are many routes an actor can...

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    Tim Allen is #11 on:

    The Very First Tweets From TV Stars

    views: 946

    Celebrities let you know everything about themselves with the help of Twitter. Sometimes they are the exact persona you are familiar wi...

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    Tim Allen is #82 on:

    Actors Who Have Directed Films

    views: 2977

    Several famous actors and actresses have directed films and many of their films have even gone on to win Academy Awards. A few actors a...

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    Tim Allen is #4 on:

    Top 50 Entertainers from Detroit

    views: 1288

    Singers, Filmmakers, Actors and other famous entertainers from Detroit. It wasn't easy narrowing it down to 50 so I chose the more main...

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    Tim Allen is #18 on:

    49 Celebrities Accused of Horrible Crimes

    views: 178272

    Tim Allen was arrested for the possession of over one pound of cocaine. In an effort to avoid a life sentence, Allen provided law enfor...

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    Tim Allen is #7 on:

    American Stand-Up Comedians: The Best Comics In the USA

    views: 72128

    American comedians are some of the top rated stand up comedians in the world. And, these are the greatest stand up comedians this count...

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    Tim Allen is #48 on:

    Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups Of All Time

    views: 676

    The official Comedy Central list published in 2004.

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    Tim Allen is #4 on:

    The '$1 Million an Episode' Club

    views: 655

    $1.25 Million per Episode for Playing Tim Taylor in Home Improvement

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    Tim Allen is #59 on:

    Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Stage Names

    views: 332845

    List of celebrities with stage names, loosely ranked according to fame and popularity. It's tough to break into show business, but a go...

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    Tim Allen is #60 on:

    75+ Famous People Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

    views: 3345

    Tim Allen provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films.

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    Tim Allen is #23 on:

    34 Celebrities Who Own Motorcycles

    views: 1244

    "Home Improvement" actor Tim Allen prefers sports bikes so he had a tough time adjusting to riding a Harley for his film Wild...


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