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    The Most Influential People of 2012

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    The most influential people of 2012 include world leaders, CEOs, athletes, actors, musicians and many others who made an impact on the ...

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    The BEST Choices For US President

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    Time for some leadership in the United States. Let's get off party lines and propaganda, I'm putting up this voteable list of LEADERS t...

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    10 Inspirational CEO in Technology World

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    Wishberg.com presents you with a list of the 10 Inspirational Ceo in Tech World

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    15 Celebrities Who Were Outed

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    In June 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook was outed by CNBC anchor Simon Hobbs. “I think Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact that he’s gay at...

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    Famous Tall Men Over 6'2

    views: 6011

    Some of the tallest men in Hollywood may not seem so on your screen. Paired alongside other tall actors, shorts actors wearing lifts, a...


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