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    Tommy Lee Tattoos

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    Tommy Lee Jones tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Tommy Lee Jones' tats honor the people in his life that are most important to him and remind him of how far he's come in the entertainment industr...more

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    If you've got it, flaunt it, and that's what these rock stars do. And for that they've been rewarded with the honor of sexiest artists ...

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    The Rock Stars Who Have Aged the Worst

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    Tommy Lee is #10 on:

    77 Celebrities Who Have Been Charged with Domestic Abuse

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    Rocker Tommy Lee was arrested for domestic violence in 1994 and 1998. Lee has been arrested several times for offenses like indecent ex...

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    Best Progressive Electronic Groups/Artists

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    The Best Solo Artists Who Used to Front a Band

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    Motley Crue

  • 6of 12
    Tommy Lee is #6 on:

    12 Celebrites Who Married People They Barely Knew

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    Tommy Lee married Pamela Anderson on February 19, 1995, just four days after they met. They divorced in 1998, but they continued to dat...

  • 36of 77
    Tommy Lee is #36 on:

    Celebrities Who Study Martial Arts

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    Musician Tommy Lee trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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    59 Celebrities Who Weren't Born Where You Think

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    Tommy Lee is #55 on:

    Full List of All Celebrity Mug Shots

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    In October 1999, Tommy Lee was arrested in North Carolina after instigating a riot during the 1997 concert at Greensboro Coliseum.

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    Tommy Lee is #23 on:

    26 Celebrities With Sleeve Tattoos

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    Tommy Lee's tattoos of Koi fish are the focus of his tattoo sleeve.

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    Tommy Lee is #19 on:

    26 Celebrities with Chest Tattoos

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    Tommy Lee has tribal lions tattooed on his chest and the word "Mayhem" on his abs.

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    26 Celebrities with Nose Piercings

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    Tommy Lee has his ears pierced, and he wears a hoop in his nose.

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    Tommy Lee is #17 on:

    24 Celebrities Who Went to Promises Malibu Rehab

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    Tommy Lee reportedly went to Promises Malibu to treat his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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    Tommy Lee is #8 on:

    23 Celebrities Who Are or Have Been on Probation

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    Motley Crue rocker and celebrity sex tape star Tommy Lee is no stranger to probation having served it several times for assault inciden...

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    Tommy Lee is #14 on:

    35+ Famous People Charged With Sex Crimes

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    Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was charged with indecent exposure after he dropped his pants while taking a bow at a 1990 concert. He wa...

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    Tommy Lee is #16 on:

    25 Rock Stars Who Married Supermodels

    views: 5972

    Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was married to model and actress Pamela Anderson from 1995-1998. The couple has two children.

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    Tommy Lee is #9 on:

    50+ Famous People of Greek Descent

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    Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is of Welsh and Greek descent.  His mother competed in the 1957 Miss Greece competition.

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