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    Tonya Harding is currently #13 on:

    The Most Obnoxious Athletes

    views: 31251

    A CrowdRanked List the most obnoxious athletes from any sport. Rank the most annoying guys who are constantly twittering absurd posts, ...

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    Tonya Harding is currently #56 on:

    Athletes Who Spark the Most Fan Arguments

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    A list of athletes who are passionately loved and hated by sports fans. These divisive, controversial sports stars inspire both love an...

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    Tonya Harding is #54 on:

    77 Celebrities Who Have Been Charged with Domestic Abuse

    views: 59653

    Tonya Harding was charged with domestic violence against Darren Silver. She was also charged with disorderly conduct and conspiracy.

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    Tonya Harding is #24 on:

    The 27 Athletes You'd Most Want to Help You Rob a Bank

    views: 3021

    Why she'd be helpful: Can mastermind the whole operation, just reference Kerrigan, Nancy.Why we'd get caught: Plans too haphazardl...

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    Tonya Harding is #28 on:

    The Greatest American Figure Skaters of All Time

    views: 1121

    Although Tonya Harding never earned a medal in her Olympic career, she is remembered for being the first American woman figure skater t...

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    Tonya Harding is #37 on:

    49 Celebrities Accused of Horrible Crimes

    views: 254201

    Olympian Tonya Harding was accused of orchestrating an attack on fellow ice skater Nancy Kerrigan before the 1994 Olympics.

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    Tonya Harding is #4 on:

    15 Minutes of Fame: Where Are They Now?

    views: 75564

    Despite a brief stint as a celebrity boxer (she quit the sport, complaining of asthma), Harding primarily lives outside the public eye....


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