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  • ranked it 104of 107
    Toyman is currently #104 on:

    The Best Members of the Justice League and JLA

    views: 33146

    The top members of the Justice League list. The Justice League consists of all the biggest superheroes in the DC universe. These are th...

  • Top 100 Comic Book Villains added it 114of 130
    Toyman is currently #114 on:

    Top 100 Comic Book Villains

    views: 676

  • Worst Comics Villains added it 32of 50
    Toyman is currently #32 on:

    Worst Comics Villains

    views: 115

    worst comic book villains of all time.  this is as stupid as it gets.  

  • All DC Villains ranked it 649of 702
    Toyman is #649 on:

    All DC Villains

    views: 154939

    DC villains list is a huge list of all the villains from DC Comics. Supervillains make life miserable for the heroes and make the story...

  • Top Ten Superman Villains ranked it 9of 10
    Toyman is #9 on:

    Top Ten Superman Villains

    views: 1737

    A creepy little fellow, he often has a changed appearance. He made giant robotic like toys and destructive weapons as he attacks people...

  • All Superman Villains ranked it 102of 112
    Toyman is #102 on:

    All Superman Villains

    views: 128623

    List of all Superman's enemies infamously known as Superman villains. This is a collection of names of all supervillains of Superman th...


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