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  • Tyra Banks's Loves & Hookups

    Tyra Banks's Loves & Hookups

    by celebrityhookups views: 12461

    Who is Tyra Banks dating? Who Tyra Banks dated; list of Tyra Banks loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relationships of Tyra Banks, listed by most recent.

  • Best Tyra Banks Movies List

    Best Tyra Banks Movies List

    by Reference views: 6453

    List of the best Tyra Banks movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Tyra Banks's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the...more

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    Tyra Banks is currently #397 on:

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    The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

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    The Hottest Natural Beauties

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    Tyra Banks is currently #183 on:

    The Hottest Women Over 40 in 2013

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    This is an Ultimate List of the hottest women over 40. It's hard to believe that some of these well known women are over 40, considerin...

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    Tyra Banks is currently #14 on:

    The Most Annoying TV Hosts

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    America's Next Top Model

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    Tyra Banks is currently #92 on:

    Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune

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    Who Should Be in the 2013 Maxim Hot 100?

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    Tyra Banks is currently #32 on:

    The Worst People in the History of Reality TV

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    There is something about reality television personalities that makes us hate so much more strongly than we do with fictional characters...

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    Tyra Banks is #12 on:

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Guest Judge Wishlist

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    Who do you want to see as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race season 7?

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    Tyra Banks is #7 on:

    The 37 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

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    via @tyrabanks

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    Tyra Banks is #5 on:

    48 Celebrity Nose Jobs: Before and After

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    Tyra Banks is another former supermodel who might've had a nose job. In the past, Tyra has said that she's against plastic surgery, but...

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    Tyra Banks is #45 on:

    50+ Famous People Who Were Bullied

    views: 78270

    Tyra Banks was bullied in school for being a "bean pole." She later used her tall, thin physique to create an extremely succe...

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    Tyra Banks is #30 on:

    The 53 Greatest Celebrity Prom Photos

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    Tyra Banks is #14 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Had Braces

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    Super model Tyra Banks wore braces for two and a half years to perfect her smile.

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    Tyra Banks is #43 on:

    The Hottest Women with Curly Hair

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    The hottest women with curly hair are among the hottest celebrities in movies, television and music who don't need straight locks to lo...

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    Tyra Banks is #87 on:

    All Maxim Cover Girls: List of Every Maxim Covergirl

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    Tyra Banks is #18 on:

    People Who'd do Society a Favor by Disappearing

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    I know, a lot of women (and some men) would LOVE to be Oprah. Tyra is one of those women. She has a talk show, and, if you watch closel...

  • 16of 20
    Tyra Banks is #16 on:

    Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2011

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    The biggest fashion disasters of 2011 included peacocks (Cee-Lo Green), interesting hats (Katy Perry), stuffed animals (Nicki Minaj), h...

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    Tyra Banks is #105 on:

    AskMen's Nominees for 2013 Most Desirable Women

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    Tyra Banks is #7 on:

    Famous Groundlings Members and Alumni

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    List of Famous Groundlings Members ranked by fame and popularity. The Groundlings are a famous improv and sketch comedy group based in ...

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    Tyra Banks is #19 on:

    David Meister Dresses on Celebrities

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    Tyra Banks was pictured of feminine glamour in purple strapless mermaid style dress from David Meister with classy spike earrings, a br...

  • 17of 24
    Tyra Banks is #17 on:

    The Greatest Gay Icons in Fashion

    views: 2519

    Supermodel Tyra Banks has said that without all the gay men in fashion, she wouldn’t be famous. She has welcomed gay, lesbian, and tran...

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    Tyra Banks is #9 on:

    22 Celebrities Who Have Testified in Criminal Trials

    views: 2099

    Supermodel and TV host Tyra Banks appeared in court in 2009 to testify against an admirer threatened to kill a producer in a TV studio ...

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    Tyra Banks is #30 on:

    75 Hot Pics of Celebrities With Ice Cream

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    A collection of promotion pictures or ads for ice cream, wallpapers or just plain pictures of gorgeous celebrities enjoying the refresh...

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    Tyra Banks is #325 on:

    Most Beautiful Women Over 40

    views: 116

  • 25of 33
    Tyra Banks is #25 on:

    EW.com's Smartest People In TV

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    Sure, they call it the boob tube, but it takes some pretty big brains to make it in the TV biz. We polled Hollywood insiders to ID the ...

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    Tyra Banks is #17 on:

    The Hottest 90s Supermodels (Then and Now)

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    Then: C'mon, it's Tyra Banks, everyone knows Tyra Banks. She was one of the original Victoria's Secret Angles and graced the cover of t...

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    Tyra Banks is #4 on:

    These People Make Reality TV Worth Watching

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    Let's face it, America's Next Top Model passed its expiration date about the same time that the WB became the CW. But, it's still worth...

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    Tyra Banks is #48 on:

    Famous African American Models

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    Here is a collection of all African American fashion models, cat-walk models and lingerie models. Donyale Luna was the first notable Af...

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    Tyra Banks is #24 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked

    views: 1998

    In 2009, Brady Green was found guilty of stalking and harassing Tyra Banks.

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    Tyra Banks is #12 on:

    The 18 Ugliest Photos of (Usually Hot) Famous Chicks

    views: 539568

    Tyra Banks got really upset with everyone for referring to her as "fat" in these photos when they first came out. She also di...

  • 12of 51
    Tyra Banks is #12 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Don't Have Kids

    views: 125144

    Supermodel Tyra Banks has dated Seal, John Singleton, and Will Smith, but the "America's Next Top Model" host has remained ch...

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    Tyra Banks is #43 on:

    The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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    List of the best celebrity yearbook photos. The biggest names in Hollywood, including George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Mad...

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    Tyra Banks is #20 on:

    100+ Celebrities in Got Milk Ads

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    Got Milk was an advertising campaign created for the California Milk Processor Board in 1993, that encouraged people to drink more cow'...

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    Tyra Banks is #11 on:

    The 15 Craziest Divas of the Decade

    views: 22928

    Tyra Bank's ego has grown so large that it now has its own TV show. Inevitably with every guest or topic no matter how different, she w...

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    Tyra Banks is #4 on:

    Tiger Woods' Loves & Hookups

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    Who is Tiger Woods dating? Who Tiger Woods dated; list of Tiger Woods loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relationship...

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    Tyra Banks is #8 on:

    Top 10 Celebrity Dieters

    views: 10164

    Former model Tyra exposed a lot of bootie on the beach a few years ago, and since has had to deal with lots of tabloid scrutiny. After ...


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