Veneto, Italy

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    Venice is currently #1 on:

    The Most Magical Cities in the World

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    Built on an archipelago, Venice is the only European city that functions as a modern day city without using motorized vehicles as its m...

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    The Best European Cities to Visit

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    The Best Honeymoon Destinations

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    This is a list, created by the community, of the best places to go on that one, special trip that most of us won't get the chance to do...

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    Venice is #5 on:

    Best Cities for Falling Head Over Heels in Love

    views: 3584

    Amazing place with an amazing history.

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    Venice is #9 on:

    The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

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    List of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe ranked from best to worst. Every year thousands of newlyweds head to Europe for their...

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    Venice is #4 on:

    10 Must Visit Cities in Europe

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    A list of the top Beautiful Cities to visit while going Europe.

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    Venice is #5 on:

    Must-See Attractions in Italy

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    This is a list that discusses the top must-see attractions in Italy. Have you wondered what the best things to do on an Italian vacatio...

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    The Best Cities to Celebrate an Anniversary

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    List of top cities to celebrate an anniversary. Where are the best places for an anniversary? This list ranks the most popular cities f...

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    Venice is #101 on:

    LA City Names: What Do They Mean?

    views: 26759

    Abbot Kinney in 1904 built this community as part of his Ocean Park tract, envisioning it as an imitation of Venice, Italy.

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    Venice is #5 on:

    Favorite Travel Destinations

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    Want to go back before it's under water!

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