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    Venom is currently #29 on:

    The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time

    views: 40823

    A list of the ultimate Avengers line-up, composed of the best and most complimentary characters from throughout the Marvel Universe, as...

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    Venom is currently #38 on:

    The Best Marvel Villains

    views: 12219

    The best Marvel villains are the men and women at the root of the best superheros' existences. These spectacular bad guys are the best ...

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    Venom is currently #39 on:

    The Best Spider-man Villains

    views: 140598

    Here is a list of the Greatest Spiderman villains and the names of the best enemies Spiderman has ever had. This Spiderman villain list...

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    Venom is #16 on:

    Top 100 Comic Book Villains

    views: 684

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    Venom is #5 on:

    Best Superhero Costumes

    views: 23107

    Coolest costumes... and there aren't many. It's hard to make bright spandex look good.

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    Venom is #326 on:

    Hulk Villains

    views: 68982

    This is a full list of all Hulk enemies and supervillains that has ever existed. The following Hulk enemy list can be sorted by the nam...

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    Venom is #4 on:

    Top 10 Spider-Man Supervillains

    views: 216

    The poison to Spidey who can match him in all aspects.

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