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    Venus Williams is currently #58 on:

    The Hottest Female Tennis Players

    views: 412921

    The hottest girls in tennis include some of the best players in the game today and some of the sexiest tennis players to have ever play...

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    Venus Williams is currently #208 on:

    The Best Athletes of All Time

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    The greatest athletes of all time: a list of the most dominant, iconic athletes to ever play sports. This list gathers sports star...

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    Venus Williams is currently #10 on:

    The Greatest Womens Tennis Players of All Time

    views: 24719

    The best women's tennis players of all time are multiple Grand Slam champions, Olympic tennis gold medalists and simply the best ladies...

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    Venus Williams is currently #12 on:

    The Greatest Female Tennis Players of the Open Era

    views: 4437

    Who are the greatest female tennis players of the open era? For our purposes, this list includes some of the best female singles tennis...

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    Venus Williams is #12 on:

    15 Celebrities Whose Family Members Were Murdered

    views: 11989

    In 2003, Venus Williams's half-sister Yetunde Price was shot while driving in Compton. Police believe that her boyfriend, who was in th...

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    Venus Williams is #13 on:

    27 Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

    views: 4461

    Venus Williams was raised a Jehovah's Witness and still practices the religion.

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    Venus Williams is #32 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Had Braces

    views: 2646

    Like her sister Serena, Venus Williams also wore braces when growing up.

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    Venus Williams is #1 on:

    The Very First Tweets From Famous Athletes

    views: 363

    Sports stars and athletes can let you know what they're up to off the field by communicating with their fans directly on the internet. ...

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    Venus Williams is #241 on:

    AskMen's Nominees for 2013 Most Desirable Women

    views: 11535

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    Venus Williams is #8 on:

    Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2011

    views: 19059

    The biggest fashion disasters of 2011 included peacocks (Cee-Lo Green), interesting hats (Katy Perry), stuffed animals (Nicki Minaj), h...

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    Venus Williams is #5 on:

    Best Tennis Players from the United States

    views: 17224

    List of the best tennis players from United States, listed by popularity with photos of the players when available. United States has p...

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    Venus Williams is #43 on:

    Famous Gemini Celebrities

    views: 1281

    This list of famous Geminis is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Geminis and a description of Gemini traits. Those born...

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    Venus Williams is #15 on:

    Top Athletes That Started Successful Businesses

    views: 5050

    A list of top athletes who have turned the business world and started companies, going from the huddle to the boardroom. These athlete ...

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    Venus Williams is #16 on:

    53 Famous Women Who Used to Be Girl Scouts

    views: 20335

    A list of famous people who were real-life girl scouts. This list of girl scout alumnae includes celebrities, politicians and other not...

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    Venus Williams is #6 on:

    Top 10 Womens Tennis Players Since the 70's

    views: 4349

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