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    Volkswagen GTI is currently #10 on:

    The Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Cars to Buy

    views: 34710

    Over the last few years the word "economy" has taken on many different meanings. The global economy has been deteriorating bu...

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    Volkswagen GTI is currently #54 on:

    The Ultimate Dream Garage

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    As car lovers, we all have a list of cars we'd love to someday own. Our "Dream Garage". These automobiles are not necessarily...

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    Volkswagen GTI is currently #5 on:

    The Best Car Values

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    This list of the best cars for the money is ranked by auto aficionados worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of great car deals, maki...

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    Volkswagen GTI is #6 on:

    Top Cars For The Money: 2010

    views: 10532

    $23,290 - $24,990

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    Volkswagen GTI is #8 on:

    Top Gear Car of the Year

    views: 12527

    Won in 2004. Fast hatchbacks. Gotta love 'em. And this one's the best.

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    Volkswagen GTI is #19 on:'s Top 25 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

    views: 12053's list of The Top 25 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars. These cars will save you loads on gas. For the full article go to

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    Volkswagen GTI is #2 on:

    Sporty Cars With Good Gas Mileage

    views: 229686

    27 mpg

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    Volkswagen GTI is #11 on:

    The Most Ticketed Cars

    views: 39953

    Average Age: 40 Male: 44%Another one of my favorites, the best hatchback on the road. I'm honestly surprised, since in my experience wo...


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