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    Willow Smith is currently #36 on:

    Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune

    views: 194513

    How did these "celebrities" ever become so rich and famous? What did they even do to earn their fame? Some of these awful peo...

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    Willow Smith is currently #56 on:

    The Worst Bands of All Time

    views: 322624

    The worst bands in music history, ranked by music fans (and haters.) This list contains the most awful bands to listen to from througho...

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    Willow Smith is currently #19 on:

    The Worst Dressed Celebrities

    views: 100968

    List of the worst-dressed celebrities. Bad taste in clothes, hair and makeup are on display here on these famous folks who, it seems, s...

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    Willow Smith is currently #63 on:

    People We Loved to Hate in 2012

    views: 19295

    People we loved to hate in 2012 include popular names in sports, entertainment, and, of course in an election year, politics. These peo...

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    Willow Smith is #16 on:

    Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2012

    views: 10690

    The biggest fashion disasters of 2012 are those (unfortunately) not-so-rare moments when the biggest celebrities right now made some of...

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    Willow Smith is #13 on:

    Most Untalented Singers

    views: 757

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