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    Wonder Woman is #2 on:

    Comic Book Characters We Want to See on Film

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    Certain comic book characters definitely lend themselves to film better than others.Sometimes it's their costume, or their power-set be...

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    Wonder Woman is #3 on:

    The Very Best Costumes from New York Comic Con 2013, RANKED

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    Wonder Woman is #10 on:

    What Should be Adapted into a Digital Comic Next?

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    The Wonder Woman TV Show is a frontrunner for many fans after Batman '66 kicked off. A digital Comic Book would pick up where the show ...

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    Wonder Woman is #5 on:

    15 DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

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    A list of characters from DC Comics that I think could have a successful solo film.

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    Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping

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    Even though she has origins in Greek mythology, Wonder Woman spent most of her career as merely a God-powered Amazon, not an actual dei...

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    Wonder Woman is #5 on:

    Best Female DC Heroes

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    Come on, you didn't think that I would forget her, Did you ?

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    Wonder Woman is #2 on:

    The 22 Hottest Female Costumes at Comic-Con

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    Wonder Woman is #7 on:

    The 10 Lamest Superhero Origins

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    All Star Comics #8 December 1941The lame thing about Wonder Woman is actually not how Princess Diana became Wonder Woman, but why the c...

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    Wonder Woman is #1 on:

    Comic Book Characters I Want To Be

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    Wonder Woman is #5 on:

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    My person list of top comic titles from DC's New 52 line.

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    Wonder Woman is #12 on:

    12 Heroes Needing New Costumes

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    A tongue in cheek choice, I know. But frankly, the swimsuit costume she wears, despite being her trademark costume, may just be too cli...


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