Woody Woodpecker

The New Woody Woodpecker Show, The Loan Stranger, Fair Weather Fiends, Bathing Buddies, The Loose Nut, Square Shootin' Square, The Coo Coo Bird, Banquet Busters, The Reckless Driver, The Hollywood Matador, Witch Crafty, The Mad Hatter, The Dippy Diplomat, Dopey Dick the Pink Whale, The Tree Medic, Woodpecker from Mars, What's Sweepin', Woody the Giant Killer, 8 Mile, Who's Cookin' Who?, Stage Hoax, Kiddie League, Smoked Hams, Woody Woodpecker, Knock Knock, Wacky-Bye Baby, Ace in the Hole, Panhandle Scandal, Private Eye Pooch, Well Oiled, Heap Big Hepcat, Woody Woodpecker and His Friends, His Better Elf, Bedtime Bedlam, Jittery Jester, Watch the Birdie, Misguided Missile, Bunco Busters, Chief Charlie Horse, How to Stuff a Woodpecker, After the Ball, Tree's a Crowd, Billion Dollar Boner, Half Empty Saddles, Gabby's Diner, Niagara Fools, Pistol Packin' Woodpecker, Calling All Cuckoos

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