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Item Image Grey's Anatomy / rising to #8 The Worst Shows Your Girlfriend Makes You Watch disasters 1.1k people have voted on The Absolute Worst Parents of 2015 reality TV 1.1k people have voted on Reality TV Stars Who Are Famous for the Worst Reasons horror 387 people have voted on The Worst Horror Movie Remakes film 2.9k people have voted on The Worst Movie Directors of All Time
Item Image Zombie Mom Will Eat Your Brain / rising to #22 The Worst Mom Tattoos LGBT 330k people have read 7 Worst Capital Punishments for Being (Illegally) Gay TV 919 people have voted on The Worst TV Theme Songs tattoos 3k people have voted on 30+ of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrity Faces companies 6.6k people have voted on Companies with the Worst Customer Service
Item Image Christmas with the In-Laws \ falling to #2 Family Events That Fill You with Dread Item Image Nickel Eye / rising to #10 The Worst Music Side Projects Item Image The Music Is Always Too Loud \ falling to #17 The Worst Things About Going to Bars in Your 30s Item Image Broccoli / rising to #5 The Worst Foods to Cook at Work