Who - Or WHAT - Killed 9 Hikers At Russia's Dyatlov Pass?

This is the story of nine hikers who mysteriously died in the Siberian mountains. Explanations include: the Russian military, aliens and even the Russian Yeti.

In January of 1959, a group of nine young men and women set off for a ski hike in the Northern Ural Mountains of Russia. After losing their way during a snowstorm, they set up camp on what is known as Kholat Syakhl, which translates to “Dead Mountain.” When the group didn’t return, their families demanded a rescue. And what investigators found remains a mystery to this day.

Their abandoned tent was ripped open from the inside. Their footprints in the snow indicated they were wearing socks, only one shoe, and even bare foot, and the tracks were covered with snow after 1,600 ft. They found two of the bodies, dressed only in their underwear, under a cedar tree with broken branches 16 ft up. Three more corpses were found at separate distances, in poses that suggested they were trying to return to their camp. One of them had a cracked skull, although it wasn’t fatal. Cause of death was concluded as hypothermia. But the narrative was to change...

Two months later the remaining four bodies were found, buried under snow. They were fully dressed, some of the clothes appeared to be ripped from the other bodies.  One of them had major skull damage, while two had major chest fractures. According to Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny, the force was so strong he compared it to a car crash. To add to the mystery, a camera was with them that was not listed in their inventory. There were no signs of a struggle, or anyone else in the area.

The verdict was ruled an “unknown compelling natural force”, and the files locked away. Over thirty years later when the files were released, some of the pages were missing. There was no information on their internal organs, and high doses of radiation contamination was present on their skin and clothes. And on the night of the incident, strange orange spheres were reported to have been seen in the sky.

This bizarre and tragic event, is so strange that no answer conclusively explains what happened that night. Theories have ranged from, a wind vortex that induced a mass panic among the group, secret military tests, aliens, to even a Russian Yeti.