How Indiana Jones Snuck Onto The Nazi Base

Here’s a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” plot hole:  When Indiana Jones sneaks onto the Nazi submarine, how the Hell did he survive for the entire journey? 

If he was inside the sub he’d surely be caught, and on the outside he’ know... drown. But let’s also remember when they get to the nazi base, he’s still soaking wet. 

Well, here’s what happened: Remember that guy with the plane that helps Indy escape the natives at the beginning of the movie? His name is Jock and he has the snake named Reggie for, I don’t know, comedic value... 

So Indy ties his hat to the sub for something to follow, hops on the plane and they’re off to follow the sub to its secret base. Just think of Jock as..the eagles from Lord of the Rings. Always showing up at the perfect moment.

Once the sub resurfaced outside the nazi base, Indy used his whip, misjudged his swing, landed on the sub, and there we have a soaking wet Indiana Jones at the Nazi base.