Conspiracy or Cover-up? The Mystery of the Lost Cosmonauts

This is the the mystery of the Lost Cosmonauts...

During the space race of the '50s and '60s the Soviets conducted their launches in secrecy, two brothers intercepted their signals, and what they heard was chilling.

The Soviets gained an early lead in the space race putting both the first man and woman in space, but while NASA operated in full view of the press, and world, the Soviets closely guarded their operations. 

Two Italian brothers, Achille and Gian Battista Judica-Cordiglia, had developed a passion for ham radio at a young age, some 10 years later they relocated to Turin, in Germany, where they listened in on the covert Soviets. The pair established an amateur spacecraft tracking station, called Torre Bert, where they developed and honed their ability to track the radio signals, and enlisted their sister who learned Russian to act as translator.

They claimed to have intercepted a signal of three astronauts eerily drifting out into space, and what you are about to hear is their audio recording of a female astronaut burning up on re-entry, predating the official record of the first woman in space.

But this story is not without controversy… Some experts claim they would not have had the ability to track the signals with their equipment. Secondly, many documents of the Soviets horrific failures in space engineering, and astronauts who died, have been released, and none of the brothers claims were verified. But equally there is no evidence that completely disproves their claims, or offers an explanation of what their recordings might have been.