The All Time Lamest X-Men Villains

We decided to have some fun with our co-workers at Ranker, and ask them to guess the super powers of the lamest X-Men Villains. 
For as long as the X-Men comics have been in production, not EVERY character could turn out to be a winner. While everyone knows the X-Men villains who made it to the X-Men movies (like Magneto), we'd be surprised if anyone remembers these lesser known b-team X-Men enemies that primarily appeared in the X-Men comics...
We challenged our Rankers who know NOTHING about X-Men characters to guess the names and powers of some of the most obscure X-Men villains ever created. These are some of the weirdest villains that you would NEVER see in the big movies like X-Men: Apocalypse or X-Men: Days of Future Past! Hopefully their answers will be more creative than these x-men villains turned out to be!
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