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COLLECTION 23 LISTS Who Run the World?
Vote on these lists of outstanding female vocalists, musicians, songwriters, and performers in every genre.
The Best Female Singers Working Today Female Singers You Wish You Could Sound Like Must-Hear New Female Artists in 2019 History's Greatest Female Vocalists VIEW COLLECTION
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45 reranks The Greatest Musicals Ever Performed on Broadway, Ranked #1 Les Misérables
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#2 The Phantom of the Opera
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#3 West Side Story
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30 reranks The Best Starter Pokemon #1 Charmander
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#2 Squirtle
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#9 Eevee
57 reranks The Very Best Dog Breeds, Ranked #1 Labrador Retriever
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#2 Golden Retriever
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#3 German Shepherd Dog
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43 reranks The Best Car Manufacturers of All Time, Ranked #1 Porsche
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#2 Mercedes-Benz
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#3 BMW
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