The Abductions & Human Captives Collection
The Turpins Kept Their 12 Kids Shackled In Filthy Conditions For More Than Two ... 1.1M VIEWS In January of 2018, a distraught teenager called 911. The 17-year-old reported she had escaped from her parents, ... Remembering The Horrific Case of Josef Fritzl's Incest Dungeon 587.5k VIEWS The Fritzl case came to public attention in April 2008, when Elisabeth Fritzl and two of the three children living with her ... Infants Who Were Kidnapped (And What Happened to Them) 78.6k VIEWS It's a parent's worst nightmare. The disappearance of a child can happen without warning, leaving parents feeling helpless and ... 11 Famous And Terrifying Cases Of Stockholm Syndrome And Hostage Brainwashing ... 144.9k VIEWS Whenever terrible cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking come to light, people ask, why didn't they try to escape? ... 13 Criminals Who Kept Humans As Torture Pets For Long Periods Of Time 199.7k VIEWS It's obvious that all serial murderers are sadistic killers. However, there are scales of sadism even within serial murdering. 20 Horrifying Stories About Famous Kidnapping Victims 3.3M VIEWS Over the years, headlines have been flooded with stories of dark, grisly kidnappings. Many of these stories are so horrifying, ... 8 Sadistic Killers Who Put Their Victims In Collars And Leashes 49.5k VIEWS Collars and leashes are used by murderers to degrade, control, strangle, and even kill their victims, and they're frequently ... 18 Horrifying True Stories Of Abduction 576.4k VIEWS Many kidnapping victims, at least the high-profile ones, have their stories told in newspapers, on television, and in ... Here Are 12 Ways To Escape A Kidnapper 48.6k VIEWS Most of us don't want to think about the possibility of being kidnapped, let alone having to devise an escape ... A Teen Girl Was Kidnapped, And The Only Evidence They Found Of Her Being Alive ... 215.9k VIEWS Prior to the highly publicized kidnappings of Elizabeth Smart and Amanda Berry, Tara Calico's bizarre disappearance ... This Woman's Family Locked Her In A Bedroom For 25 Years, Leaving Her ... 2.6M VIEWS While tales of parents disapproving of who their children date are common, none compare to the woman whose mother ... Best Kidnapping Movies & Hostage Movies of All Time, Ranked 9k VOTES If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure, the best kidnapping movies and hostage movies below have you covered. The ... Twisted Facts About Ariel Castro's Torture House And The Women He Held Captive ... 61.2k VIEWS The secrets hidden within the home of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro were revealed on May 6, 2013, when a neighbor ... 13 Terrifying Shopping Mall Kidnappings 53.1k VIEWS Malls are the one safe space where everyone in the world feels like they can relax, but it’s simply not true. While you’re ... 20 News Reporters Who Were Kidnapped & Held Hostage 25.5k VIEWS It's a dangerous world. With that fact and the very prevalent 24-hour news cycle, more and more journalists are being targeted, ... Unbelievable Facts About The First Kidnapping-For-Ransom In The United States ... 20.6k VIEWS "Don't take candy from strangers." Your parents might have told you this when you were young, but you probably never ... The Greatest Kidnapping TV Shows 123 VOTES It's every parent's greatest fear and every adult's biggest nightmare: kidnapping. TV shows about kidnapping tear at our ... The Best Movies About Kidnapping 3.8k VOTES No one wants to be kidnapped, but everyone loves a good kidnapping movie. Human trafficking, a parent's fear that their kid ... After An 18-Year Nightmare In Captivity, Jaycee Dugard Is A Mom And An ... 18k VIEWS Jaycee Dugard was only 11 years old when a husband-and-wife duo kidnapped her in 1991.