The Are You Ready for Some NFL? Collection
The Most Overlooked Quarterbacks of All Time 21.7k VOTES A list of the most underrated quarterbacks of all time. Despite the gargantuan scouting staffs that NFL teams employ, there are ... US Cities That Should Have an NFL Team 67k VOTES Of course big cities like New York and Miami have NFL teams, but there are plenty of other cities that should have a football ... Who Do You Think Will Win Super Bowl LIII? 56k VOTES With the 2018 NFL draft concluded, there's now plenty of time and reason to start projecting who will win Super Bowl LIII - as ... NFL Players Who Retired In 2018 3.7k VOTES After years of serious physical exertion—and countless injuries for some—there are quite a few NFL players who retired in 2018. The Greatest NFL Teams 92.6k VOTES The greatest NFL teams are those professional football teams beloved by fans and often hated by rivals. These teams are often ... The Greatest Defenders in NFL History 100.2k VOTES This list of the greatest defenders in NFL history is here to decide definitively who is the best defender in NFL history. These ... Who Is the Best Running Back in the NFL Right Now? 25.4k VOTES Using a combination of speed, strength, and agility, NFL running backs must carry the football through elite defenses. Who Are the Best NFL Players Under 25 Right Now? 6.1k VOTES Being a star football player is one thing, but being known as one of the best NFL players under 25 is quite the impressive ... The Dirtiest NFL Players of All Time 84k VOTES The dirtiest NFL players of all time are some of the meanest and most hated men to ever play professional football. You probably ... Who Is the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL Right Now? 38.6k VOTES Catching a football sounds easy, but imagine running across the field with full gear and an elite defender guarding you every ... Rules You Had No Idea NFL Players Have To Follow 6.2k VIEWS The NFL has provided countless hours of entertainment since its inception in 1920. But the whole league sometimes seems to exist ... The Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Right Now 192.3k VOTES One of the hottest debates in all of sports is over who is the best quarterback in the NFL right now. It's an argument that will ... The 14 Most Shocking NFL Scandals 246.3k VIEWS The most shocking NFL scandals tell tales of professional football players or complete National Football League teams who have ... The Best Tight Ends in the NFL 17.4k VOTES Tight ends have become an integral piece to a football team's offense. In the past, tight ends have mostly served as extra ... The Best NFL Offenses of All Time 2.5k VOTES The old saying is that defense wins championships, and offense wins games. This might be the case, but the adage goes out the ... The 20 Most Brutal and Gruesome Football Injuries in NFL History 29k VIEWS Football is a pretty rough sport, there's no denying that. The hits can be positively bone crushing. . . literally! While there ... The Worst NFL Teams to Ever Make Playoffs 13.3k VOTES The worst teams to ever make the NFL Playoffs are not just okay teams, they are simply bad teams that somehow managed to qualify ... NFL Players with the Worst Tattoos 9.1k VOTES The NFL has always been known as a league where players can display their personalities in a number of different ways. Tattoos ... Everything That Sucks About the NFL 24.6k VOTES NFL football is the most popular sport in America, but that doesn't mean there aren't things about it that suck. Every Sunday, ... The Best NFL Coach Rants 709 VOTES A list of the best NFL coach rants of all time. NFL head coaches are a high-strung, over stressed group and with good reason.